Japan might export submarines to Australia


Japan was completely beaten up by World War II. Since then, Japanese did self-examination and have thusly tried to protect its peaceful constitution. So far, Japanese armies are allowed to exist only for self-defense purposes. This is called “自衛隊” (“Jieitai”). “Tai” means “team”. “Jieitai” isn’t regarded as army in this country. However, as you may know, current Prime Minister, Mr. Abe, is considered as a “hawk” as he has changed the interpretation of the constitution and he is now trying to expand opportunities for Japan to export army related products. Arms industry is obviously a huge business. And this is something that Japan, like so many other countries, cannot ignore. 

The deal between Australia and Japan would be worth 4.4 trillions of JPY (about 40 Billions of US$, or 35 Billions of Euros). So, while such pragmatism may be good for the Japanese economy, many Japanese – a peaceful people – are really anxious about these changes.