Japan will reach 1 million of foreign workers


For the first time ever, it is expected that Japan will reach 1 million of foreign workers. This is yet another piece of evidence that Japan is “opening” its borders.

Granted, Japan does not really have much of a choice, as we have often had the opportunity to write in this space (as early as last week, we wrote about robots in day-care facilities). Facing labor shortages, Japan must call upon foreign workers. Therefore, Japanese lawmakers are easing the conditions for foreigners to come work in Japan. Not just high-skilled foreigners but mainly those willing to specifically work in the health-care industry.

A quick overview of the foreign workforce in Japan:

More than 35% come from China. Vietnamese are second, Filipinos third, Brazilians fourth.

30% are located in the Tokyo area. Second is Aichi, third is Kanagawa.

Companies hiring those workers are mostly medium size manufacturers but the service industry hires more and more foreign people. Tourism and IT are two sectors that are believed to be needing more workforce from overseas.

The government does not explain whether the 1-million figure include foreign students’ arubaito. But we know that opportunities are there too for foreign students to work in Japan.