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Overview of Edo Cultural Center Japanese Language School

Edo Cultural Center was founded in 1984. Since then, more than 10,000 students from over 70 countries have completed their courses and contributed to the international atmosphere of this Japanese language school. The world is changing rapidly; communication ability between people becomes a very important issue. Edo Cultural Center is not only teaching Japanese language but also providing a place for meaningful cultural exchange to students.

  • Infallible Career Guidance System
  • Flexibility Learning System
  • Reliable W Class Teachers System
  • Targeting on Over 90% Attendance
  • Fulfilling Activities

Location of Edo Cultural Center Japanese Language School

Edo Cultural Center Japanese Language School is located at Akasaka, Tokyo in Japan.

Average High Temperatures
6.1°C 6.5°C 9.4°C 14.6°C 18.9°C 22.1°C 25.8°C 27.4°C 23.8°C 18.5°C 13.3°C 8.7°C

Programs at Edo Cultural Center Japanese Language School

1. Preparatory course

This course is for students who aim to enter a university, graduate school or a vocational school in 2 years maximum.

Supplementary lessons for “Japanese Language Proficiency Test” (JLPT) and “Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students(EJU)” are offered based on the examination schedule.

Edo Cultural Center always puts student’s wishes and goals as their first priority to consider and give detailed advice to lead students to determine their best way to success.

Approximately 95% of this school’s students go on to universities, graduate schools and vocational schools. Edo Cultural Center offer special recommendation for those who have excellent academic results.

2. General course

This course is for those who are not willing to enter a higher education level but need to master Japanese language for the following purposes:

  • Learning Japanese in order to find a job position in their home country.
  • Aiming to look for a job in Japan after graduation.
  • Purely just interesting in Japanese language and culture.

School and Career Guidance

Edo Cultural Center assists students who wish to study in graduate schools, universities and vocational schools in Japan. Their experienced teaching staff can provide the following support.

1. Personal Interviews
A personal interview is available as required. The staff at Edo Cultural Center always considers the students’ wishes as their first priority. Their staff is trained to take the students’ perspective in considering and providing accurate and specialized advice.
2. School Searches
Up-to-date and detailed information are provided to students who are planning to study in colleges in Japan. School information is tailored and packaged according to diversified needs.
3. Mock Interviews
Interview test is a very important part of entrance examination in Japan. To ensure that students will reach a good level of proficiency for success, interview skills such as response techniques and mannerisms will be taught and trained.
4. Assistance with Composition Writing and Papers
The school teaching staff will guide and assist students in writing application letters to school professors, short essays, research plans and formal application statements.
5. Open Examinations Preparation and Strategy Course
In order to help students to pass the “Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students”, besides Japanese language, students may elect to prepare and improve on subjects such as Mathematics (Arts and Sciences), Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Social Studies via online lessons. The school teaching staff will provide aid to students for specific subjects and problems.
6.Advanced Preparation
Edo Cultural Center staff will provide in-depth assistance to students by providing college specific information and preparation materials, and in submitting necessary documents.

Admission Requirements

Admission Requirements
Admission Requirements 18 years old
High School Graduates (HSC or 12 years education)

Start Dates

Start Dates
Start Dates January, April, July, October

NOTE: Please apply approximately 8 months before the start dates. Visa process may take time.

Tuition Fees – 2015

Tuition and Fees (Japanese Yen) – First Year
Application Fee 30,000 yen
Admission Fee 50,000 yen
Tuition Fee 690,000 yen
Total (for one year) 770,000 yen
Tuition and Fees (Japanese Yen) – Second Year
Tuition Fee 690,000 yen
Total (for one year) 690,000 yen


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