Now you have your student visa, you are now ready to fly to Japan. It is always recommended that you don’t buy ticket in advance unless you have the student visa on hand.

We understand that the closer the travel date, the more expensive the plane ticket can get. If you feel that there is a need to buy ticket in advance, please make sure that the ticket can be cancelled, re-booked or refund during unforeseen circumstances. 

1.What to do upon arrival?

Upon arrival at the airport, please show your passport with student visa to the officer in charge in Immigration. You might be asked to go a special lane designated for residents. Immigration officer will ask you on the duration of your study as this will also be the validity date indicated in your residence permit.

The residence permit card will be printed at the immigration so please make sure to get it. If you plan to do part-time work, please inform the officer and they will stamp on the back of your residence card about permitting to engage in work for 28 hours a week. You can download the Work Permit Application for work permit here.

If you were not able to get your work stamp in the airport, please check with your school if they can apply on your behalf. Applying through school, might take 2- 4weeks. It’s a must that you carry the residence card at all times when you are in Japan.

(for complete details, please check our Student guide)