The Rise of Automated Drones in Japan | Motivist Japan


Driver-less car technology is already quite advanced, in Japan and other countries. This week, drone home delivery service has started in the city of Chiba – coincidentally, this is where we are located – a few kilometers east of Tokyo. And this is not an April fool day's joke. Learn more about our automated drones in Japan story below.

This is the first trial in an urban area. The authorities are serious about this experiment. They actually intend to ask real estate developers to make sure condominium units are all equipped with landing areas …

Good or bad? Again, you be the judges. Deliveries will be sped up but couldn't one wait an extra day or two to receive, say, a DVD or a book? Further, we wonder how the drone traffic will be controlled – this is likely one of the biggest hurdles for this project's creators. Among expressed concerns, some people cite the potential misuses of drone technology, if that is to become wide-spread as it seems it is the plan. Some malevolent people may try to make illegal videos, or, worse, use drones as weapons.

At any rate, here in Chiba we will likely look up in the sky the next few days quite perplexedly.

Source: Kyodo news