Learning Japanese Basics: Inside JLPT N5 (Part 2)

28 November 2017 / Comments: 0

Today we are going to continue our series of articles on learning Japanese for beginners, and this is a second part of the JLPT N5 basics. If you have missed the first part, you can check it here: Learning Japanese

Learning Japanese Basics: Inside JLPT N5 (Part 1)

16 November 2017 / Comments: 0

Today we are starting out a series of articles, where we are going to discuss topics related to learning Japanese language. And as today is our first day of the series, we are going to focus on basics. 🙂
We suppose

After Class Activities – Easy and Cheap Way to Experience Japan

16 November 2017 / Comments: 0

After class activities in Japanese language schools offer many possibilities to experience Japan and its culture, and in many cases this is a very affordable and even cheap way that we recommend to foreign students coming to Japan for study.

Going to Japan Without Any Japanese?

14 November 2017 / Comments: 0

So your dream is to come to Japan but you wonder, is it really possible to go to Japan without any Japanese?
First of all, don’t worry! The answer to the above question is absolute YES. But … it has some

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Japanese Language Schools – What, Why and How

13 November 2017 / Comments: 0

Japanese Language School – think of it as your first step to living in Japan as a foreign student. By learning Japanese at one of many modern language schools, you will not only be able to learn the language, but

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Nina’s story, the winner of our contest

21 September 2017 / Comments: 0

It’s by beginning this text that my “adventure” ends. I had to write weekly, but I run short of time I was not able to do it. A big part of this text was written in the train and at the