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13Wed 2016

In Japan, you can make payment using your fingerprints

The new system is to be tested as soon as this Summer, with the intent to be fully implemented by the Olympic games. The purpose is obviously to make the shopping experience easier for tourist and thus boost the economy via increased

12Tue 2016

Drones soon all over the sky in Japan?

Driver-less car technology is already quite advanced, in Japan and other countries. This week, drone home delivery service has started in the city of Chiba – coincidentally, this is where we are located – a few kilometers east of Tokyo. And

11Mon 2016

Tokyo to add more train lines

The transportation in the Tokyo area makes one dizzy. Not the transportation itself, which is most often very reliable and even comfortable (if one can avoid rush hours). But the numbers are vertiginous. 40 millions riders every day. Almost 15 billions

7Thu 2016

A glimpse of what life in rural Japan is

Japan has a lot to offer, in every aspect. It is a land of paradoxes and contrasts. To many, Japan is about its subcultures (manga, anime, Akihabara etc …). About megalopolises. Too often forgotten is the countryside of Japan. The