15Tue 2016

About Hayazushi and Narezushi

While everyone knows about sushi, most foreign people may not know that there are various kinds of Sushi in Japan. To simplify, kinds of Sushi can be divided into two types: “早鮨” (“Hayazushi”) and “なれ鮨” (“Narezushi”). “Haya” means “quick”, “Nare” means “become”. The difference between

14Mon 2016

About high school uniforms in Japan

March signals the end of the school year in Japan. Time to discuss the world-famous Japanese high school uniforms. All manga readers are familiar with those uniforms. While schools have, understandably, their own uniforms, did you know that trends vary

11Fri 2016

Why do Japanese eat Fugu?

Most people don’t like Winter because it’s cold. Yet, there are still benefits and things to enjoy from this season. For example, many Japanese people enjoy “鍋料理” (“Nabe ryori”, or “one pot meal”). Above all, “Fugu nabe” (Pufferfish pot) is the King of Nabe.
The appearance

8Tue 2016

An overview of Japanese commercials

Here is an overview of Japanese commercials. This YouTube channel specializes in compiling Japanese “CM” (シーエム) – “commercial messages”. Here is what they have selected as the best commercials of 2015.
The common belief is that TV commercials reflect a country’s culture. We