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6Wed 2016

Japanese People’s Honesty Put to Test

During our Skype or phone meetings with prospective students, we are asked literally hundreds of questions. About how to apply to a Japanese language school, about eligibility for student visas, about studying in Japan, about working part-time in Japan, about

5Tue 2016

Japan will Reach 1 million of Foreign Workers

For the first time ever, it is expected that Japan will reach 1 million of foreign workers. This is yet another piece of evidence that Japan is “opening” its borders.
Granted, Japan does not really have much of a choice, as we

1Fri 2016

Robots as Childcare Workers?

Would you leave your kids in the “hands” of a robot?
We have had the opportunity to say it a few times in this space: Japan is facing serious demographic issues.
One way to solve the situation is immigration (part of it

30Wed 2016

Making Your Own Anime Like Ghibli Studio (or Almost!)

Great news for all Anime fans and those planning to pursue a career in this field. You can now use the Software that Ghibli Studio uses (at least the basic features of it). An open source version of Toonz has been