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6Wed 2016

Happy New Year (The year of the Monkey)

Greetings from Japan, from the Motivist Japan team!
Best Wishes to all, and Happy and Successful Studies to the new students coming to Japan this year!
You must have heard of it: this year is the year of the Monkey according to

28Mon 2015

Oshogatsu – New Year Holiday in Japan

Kadomatsu, New Year decoration in Japan
The period of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd of January is called “Oshogatsu” in Japan. New Year’s Day is called “Gantan”, which means “the beginning of the day”. During Oshogatsu, families gather to celebrate the

24Thu 2015

クリスマス (Christmas in Japan)

Just like in so many other countries, Japanese kids look forward to the next day and are full of dreams when the time comes to go to bed on Christmas eve. In Japan too, “Santa” visits homes while children are

23Wed 2015

Public Holidays in Japan

Japanese people have the reputation of being hard-working – and this is a fair assessment (that, alone, could be the subject of a few articles). But did you know that only 4 countries in the whole world (India with 21