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18Wed 2015

Driverless Cars: The Future is Now

While prestigious companies like Google are working on developing driverless cars, Japan, not to be undone, is launching a driver-less cab service. The experiment is taking place in the Kanagawa prefecture, South West of Tokyo, starting in March 2016. Learn

17Tue 2015

Religious Diversity in Japan

Most Japanese think themselves as non-religious. Yet, there are not many countries that have more diversity in religions than Japan.
When a baby is born, Japanese celebrate according to Shinto rites. Shinto is the Japanese original traditional religion. It relates to worshiping the emperor and nature.

16Mon 2015

What Positions for Part-Time Work in Japan?

One advantage of studying in Japan is the relative low tuition fees, compared with the US, the UK and other popular destinations. On top of that, foreign students in Japan are allowed to work up to 28 hours per week,

10Tue 2015

“Joucho”, The Essence of Japanese Sensibility

Japanese famous mathematician Dr. Oka Kiyoshi said “The central concept of Human is the umbilical cord of mind”. We call it “joucho” (‘情緒): “Jou” means “mind”, “cho” means “umbilical cord”. Usually “joucho” is translated as “emotion”, though it is a