31Sun 2019

How to keep on track on studying Japanese

If you made it this far, Congratulations! You are now settled in Japan with a part time job and studying everyday for the next 1-2 years of your life. Imagine this will be your routine from now on. Remember not

26Tue 2019

Things you should NOT buy in 100 yen shop

One of the popular destination for both tourists and locals is the “100 Yen shop”. You can buy almost everything in these shops and it’s almost impossible to leave the shop empty handed. Shops like Daiso, Seria and Lawson 100

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26Mon 2018

Start Learning Japanese in Japan this October

Apply * until April 13 and get your school‘s application fees for free and … get a free hanko

* For programs of 12 months or more starting in October.
Subject to vacancy.
Contact us: info@motivistjapan.com
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On Japan’s

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29Mon 2018

Coming to Japan to learn Japanese

Hi, my name is Jopete, a Computer Science (IT) professional from the Philippines, currently in Japan on a Student Visa and enrolled in Makuhari Japanese Language School to learn one of the most famous learned languages worldwide – Japanese.
Why Japan