Studies in Japan

28Fri 2019

Tips on how you can survive JLPT

Tips on how to survive JLPT 
It’s the time of the year again where learners of Japanese language will put their knowledge into test. Japanese Language Proficiency Test or JLPT for short is a widely recognized test to assess one’s Japanese

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29Mon 2018

Coming to Japan to learn Japanese

Hi, my name is Jopete, a Computer Science (IT) professional from the Philippines, currently in Japan on a Student Visa and enrolled in Makuhari Japanese Language School to learn one of the most famous learned languages worldwide – Japanese.
Why Japan 

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2Thu 2016

How to prepare for a Skype Interview?

How to prepare for a Skype Interview?
If you plan to go to Japan to attend a language school or to pursue an advanced degree, then you’ll likely need to do a video interview as part of the application process. Nowadays,

14Sat 2016

The Stronger bond between Japan and Vietnam are reflected in Education

A sign of time, for the first time ever, the Japanese language will soon be taught in some public elementary school in a South-East Asian country, namely Vietnam. In this country, it has been more than ten years since the

30Wed 2016

Making your own Anime like Ghibli Studio (or almost!)

Great news for all Anime fans and those planning to pursue a career in this field. You can now use the Software that Ghibli Studio uses (at least the basic features of it). An open source version of Toonz has been

7Mon 2016

Studying in Japan is also this …

We all know that the education system in Japan is excellent, higher education especially. Part of that is having great infrastructures for young people to study in the best conditions possible. Just like this new, state-of-the-art  library from Seikei University in

29Mon 2016

Foreign careworkers wanted in Japan

As we all know, Japan is facing demographic issues on both ends: a low birth rate and an aging population. Workforce is lacking and the Japanese government is tackling the issue step by step. The latest example is a conclusion from a

24Wed 2016

Why ask an agent to help you come study in Japan?

Sometimes, prospective students ask us: “Why should I apply through Motivist Japan instead of directly to the school?“. There are very good reasons to ask an Educational Agency like Motivist Japan to help you in your study-abroad endeavors. So we

17Thu 2015

Studying in a Japanese University

We often receive inquiries from people willing to study in Japanese universities. Our first reaction is to ask them: “How good are your Japanese language skills?”. Most often, the answer to that question is “I cannot speak Japanese”. Those aspiring

4Fri 2015

Questions to ponder before studying in Japan

You love Japan. You have decided you want to experience life there. The best path for that is to learn the language first. So you intend to spend a year – maybe more – to learn Japanese in a language