Gunma prefecture is located in the northern part of the Kanto region. It is known for being the place “where women rule the roost”; it is also called “Kanto’s petticoat government and dry winds”. Historically, Gunma women are independent from men thanks to the silk industry. Sericulture, silk reeling and weaving required women’s expert skills, so women had economic independence. This fact was a very unusual phenomenon in the old times of Japan. In 2014, UNESCO recognized „富岡製糸場“ („Tomioka Silk Mill“) as a world heritage. It symbolizes the prosperity of the silk industry in this region.

Many people consider „草津温泉“ („Kusatsu Hot Spring“) as the best hot spring in Japan. Waters of Kusatsu are a mixture of acid and sulfur springs. It depends on the source of hot spring. „浅間山“ („Mt. Asama“) is also recognized as one of the most active volcanoes in the world.

While Maebashi city is the seat of Gunma prefecture and the center of the administration, Takasaki city is the center of commerce and traffic. Both cities are of similar size and thus have historically rivaled each other.

Gunma University is known for its excellent strategy. An English magazine selected Gunma University as the 18th of the world university ranking.

In 2015, the number of international inhabitants in Gunma prefecture waq 44,798 (2.2% of the whole population). They mostly came from Brazil (11,219), (China) 7,292, Philippine (6,274), Peru (4,501), Vietnam (4,033).

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