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Overview of Edo Cultural Center Japanese Language School

Ed Culture StudentsEdo Cultural Center Japanese Language School was founded in 1984. Since then, more than 10,000 students from over 70 countries have completed our courses and contributed to the international atmosphere of Japanese language school. The world is changing rapidly; communication ability between people becomes a very important measure. Edo Cultural Center is not only teaching Japanese Language but also providing a place for meaningful cultural exchange to our students.


School Data of Edo Cultural Center

School Data (July 2014)
Location Tokyo, Minato-ku Accommodation School Dormitory, Private Dormitory
Foundation November 1984 Membership Nisshinkyo, JaLSA
Admission capacity 300 (Double Shift) Number of teachers 29 (Full-time:5)
Number of registered students (June 2015)
Number of students enrolled in short-term course without student visas: 15
Number of students enrolled in long-term course with student visas: 216
China (HK:1)
Sri Lanka
Saudi Arabia


Features of Edo Cultural Center

Edo Classroom

  1. Infallible Career Guidance System
  2. Flexibility Learning System
  3. Reliable W Class Teachers System
  4. Targeting on Over 90% Attendance
  5. Fulfilling Activities

Requirements of Admission

  • 18 years old and older
  • Completion of 12 years education

Courses provided by Edo Cultural Center

1. Preparatory course

Edo_classroom_02This course is for students who aim to enter a university, graduate school or a vocational school in 2 years maximum.

Supplementary lessons for “Japanese Language Proficiency Test(JLPT)” and “Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students(EJU)” are offered based on the examinations schedule.

We always put student’s wishes and goals as our first priority to consider and give detailed advice to lead students to determine their best way.

Approximately 95% of our students go on to universities, graduate schools and vocational schools. We offers special recommendation for those who have excellent academic results.

Start Date January, April, July, October
Duration 1 year, 1 year and 3 months, 1 year and 6 months, 1 year and 9 months, 2 years
Schedule Mon-Fri 9:00-12:30 or 13:30-17:00
Number of Lessons 20 lessons/week
Required Japanese skills 150 hours of Japanese language study or JLPT N5
Tuition 690,000 yen/year

2. General course

This course is for those who are not willing to enter a higher education level but need to master Japanese language in following purposes.

  • Learning Japanese in order to find a job position in their home country.
  • Aim to hunting a job in Japan after graduation.
  • Purely just interesting in Japanese language and culture
Start Date January, April, July, October
Duration 1 year, 1 year and 3 months, 1 year and 6 months, 1 year and 9 months, 2 years
Schedule Mon-Fri 9:00-12:30 or 13:30-17:00
Number of Lessons 20 lessons/week
Required Japanese skills 150 hours of Japanese language study or JLPT N5
Tuition 50,000 yen/month

3. General short-term course

This is a course for those who want to learn Japanese language during the long company or school holidays. Basically, lessons will start on January, April, July and October, application for the extra months please contact us directly.

Destination of graduates

Edo Cultural Center assists students who wish to study in graduate schools, universities and vocational schools in Japan. Our experienced teaching staff can provide the following support.

Destination of graduates (2015)
Graduate School 7
Waseda University 2, Ryutsu Keizai University 1, Musashino University 2, Tokyo University of Technology 1, Seigakuin University 1
University 34
Ritsumeikan University 1, Aoyama Gakuin University 1, Tokyo Denki University 1, Toyo University 2, Tokyo Keizai University 1, Kaetsu University 1, Temple University 1, Tokyo University and Graduate School of Social Welfare 3, Tokyo Management College 1, Komazawa Women’s Junior College 1, Japan University of Economics 4, Tokyo International University 3, Tokyo University of Technology 1, Saitama Gakuen University 1, Takushoku University 1, Keiai University 1, Matsumoto University 1, Toyo Gakuen University 1, Kanto Gakuen University 6, Tama University 2
Vocational School 69
Tokyo Multimedia College 3, Sundai Computer & Business College 2, CAD Seizu College 6, Shinjuku College of Information Technology 1, Tokyo Design Technology Center 2, Nakano School of Business 4, Oji Keiri College 1, Fuji International Business College 1, Tokaigakuin Liberal Arts College 9, Sunshine College 2, Gregg International College 6, Nihon Kenko Iryo 5, Tokyo Fashion Institute 1, Tokyo Nikken Institute of Technology 1, Tokyo International Business College 2, Musashino Gakugei College 1, Bunka Institute of language 1, Chuo College of Technology 1, Sundai Travel & Hotel College 1, Hattori Nutrition College 2, Human Science College 5, Nippon Engineering College 1, Tokyo English Specialists College 1, Tokyo School of Business 1, Hana Academy of Cooking and Confectionery 1, Nippon Designers School 1, Yokohama Cooking Academy 1, Waseda International Business College 1, Ohara Bookkeeping College School 1, College of Japan Medicine & Business 1, Yoneyama Fashion Business College 1, koriyama information business college 1, Kyoto Computer Gakuin 1


Activities offered by Edo Cultural Center

Edo cultural Center is located in Akasaka, the heart of forefront information area in Tokyo. Today Japanese people are often described the current cultures, traditional customs, arts and fundamental social characteristics began to take root during Edo era. Our school named “Edo”, we hope that passing through the lessons, extracurricular activities and splendid learning environment would acquire a deeper understanding of “past” and “now” faces of Japan to our students.

Japanese Room

Edo Japanese RoomYou can enjoy conversation with Japanese university students, taking about campus life in Japan, latest culture amoung young people and so on. Student can join for free of charge.


Accommodation arranged by Edo Cultural Center

School Dormitory
Women only. 50,000 yen/month. Located in Aoyama and walking distance from the school.
Private Dormitory
Introduce private dormitories. Rent is from 35,000 yen/month and higher. The commuting time is approximately 30 – 50 min.


Tuition and fees of Edo Cultural Center – 2019

The tuition and fees of Edo Cultural Center are as follows.

Tuition and other school fees (Japanese yen)
Application fee(Preparatory, General) 30,000 yen
Admission fee Preparatory, General 50,000 yen
Short-term 20,000 yen
Tuition Preparatory, General 690,000 yen/year
Short-term 50,000 yen/month
Dormitory School Dormitory 50,000 yen/month
Private Dormitory 35,000 yen/month and higher


Sample estimated cost for one academic year – 2019

Here is the estimated cost for one academic year at Edo Culture Center. It is based on a private dormitory (35,000 yen/month). The estimated cost will be changed depending on how you stay.

Preparatory Course (Japanese yen)
Application fee 30,000
Admission fee 50,000
Tuition fee 690,000
Dormitory 420,000
Total 1,190,000 yen

Ed Culture Graduation

To learn more, contact us here or by email: info@motivistjapan.com