Register in your local city hall

Within 14 days upon arrival, you need to register in your local city hall. Do not forget to bring your residence card, passport and even school ID. Some city hall may have English speaking staff and some may not. Please ask your school if they provide assistance if needed. After registration, you will be given a health insurance card. Just like the residence card, please make sure to always carry it. Present the health card before obtaining any medical treatment. After a month from registration, you will receive your insurance bill from your local ward. The bills are either separated each month or semiannually. It’s up to you if you want to pay the bill for each month or all at once. You can pay in any convenience store.



What to bring on your first day in school?

On your first day, please bring your residence card, passport and if you have already registered to the city hall, bring your health card too. 

School will need a copy of these documents. School may conduct a short exam for you to determine your level. After that you are ready to start. 

(please refer to the student guide for complete instructions)