Introduction of Genki Japanese and Culture School

“Genki Japanese And Culture School” (Genki JACS) has two campuses: the main and historical campus of Fukuoka, and a relatively new campus in Tokyo. Quality courses specially designed by the teachers of Genki JACS and small numbers of students in each class are two of the reasons why this school is one of the most renown of the archipelago.


Features of Genki Japanese and Culture School

. Small number of students per class (no more than 8, generally 4 or 5)

. Short-term courses for all (12 different levels)

. Minors (starting from 14 years old) are welcome (Fukuoka school only)

. Internationally renown


Programs offered by Genki Japanese and Culture School

Long-term programs (student visa holders) – Fukuoka only

For student visa holders, there are 2 sessions : April and October (1 year programs).

Start April, October
Length 12 months
Schedule Monday to Friday 9:30~13:10, 11:25~15:50, 14:05~17:45
Number of hours 20 hours/week
Number of students 4-8
Japanese level required Beginners to high beginners
Total for 12 months 990.000 ¥

Mid to long-term programs (Not student visa holders) – Fukuoka, Tokyo and Kyoto

For those who want to study 6 months or more without a student visa, such as working holiday, dependent or other type of residence visa holders. Please contact us for more information.

Start January, April, July, October
Length 6, 9 or 12 months
Schedule Monday to Friday 9:30~13:10, 11:25~15:50, 14:05~17:45
Number of hours 20 hours/week
Number of students 4 to 8
Japanese level required Any level
Total for 6 months 590,000 ¥

Short-term programs (minimum 2 weeks) – Fukuoka, Tokyo and Kyoto

Genki Japanese and Culture School provides many options to adjust to each person’s situation and goals.

Start Contact us
Length Variable – Starting at 2 weeks
Schedule Monday to Friday 9:30~13:10, 11:25~15:50, 14:05~17:45 
Japanese level required Beginners accepted except Conversation
Number of students 4 to 8
Standard Japanese course 32,500 ¥/week (20h/week)
Japanese + Conversation 42,500 ¥/week (25h/week)
Japanese + Traditional Culture
42,500 ¥/week (26h/week) (Max. 5 weeks)
Japanese + Pop Culture
42,500 ¥/week (26h/week)

Standard Japanese course : practical Japanese for daily life and all the skills you need to communicate in Japan. Each week: 10 hours of grammar, 10 hours of oral expression, oral comprehension, writing and reading.

Japanese + Conversation : Standard Japanese course + 5 hours focused on conversation

Japanese + Traditional Culture : Standard Japanese course + 6 hours of culture (calligraphy, tea ceremony and other cultural activities and Japan history …)

Japonais + Pop Culture : Standard Japanese course + 6 hours of pop culture (including introduction to manga, anime, cosplay …)


Activities offered by Genki Japanese and Culture School

Many activities are organised by the school, for example a trip to Nagasaki for those who study on the Fukuoka campus.



Genki JACS provides various solutions. But we are also here to assist you to find other options.

Among the solutions offered by Genki JACS (minimum 2 week-stays):

Please note: fees are per week


Placement fee: 9,500 ¥


Breakfast: 15,000 ¥/week

Breakfast and dinner: 19,200 ¥/week

Residence (individual room): 15,000 ¥/week

Sharehouses (own room and share facilities): 10,000 ¥/week

Apartments: 25,000 ¥/week


Placement fee: 19,500 ¥


Breakfast only: 28,000¥/week

Breakfast and dinner: 31,780¥/week

Guesthouse (Private room, shared facilities): 15,000 ¥/week

Dormitory (Shared room and shared facilities): 12,000 ¥/week

Apartments : 28,000 ¥/week



To learn more, contact-us here or by email : info@motivistjapan.com