J-Pop Idols' right "to pursue happiness"


Japan is full of paradoxes. That makes it all the more fascinating.

The country of Love Hotels prevents its “idols” to be involved in romantic relationships. That can easily be explained by the fact that those young women should represent purity. Also, they should remain subjects of men's fantasies, and thus free of any commitment. In other words, this is sheer marketing. Upon joining a “talent agency”, those ladies actually sign contract with “dating ban clauses” in which they agree not to be involved in any romance. Thus, whenever a lady transgresses the rule, she inevitably get sanctioned by paying compensation to her agency and/or by being fired. At least, that was until a few days ago, when a judge in Tokyo stated that the clause “significantly restricts the freedom to pursue happiness”. This surely sets a precedence and we are curious to see what will happen the next time an idol breaches her contract in that way …

Nevertheless, the famous Japanese “talento” (タレント) Becky – known for her innocent, ingenuous personality – was recently in the spotlights as her affair with a married man was leaked by social medias. She is since being ostracized and has lost a few juicy contracts … Apparently, acting as an innocent girl can be lucrative but it remains a double-edged sword.