Overview of Matsudo International School 

Matsudo International School provides everything you need to learn Japanese efficiently – and not just the teaching itself. At this school, you will get all the support and services you need to feel comfortable from the first day on.

Located in Chiba but near Tokyo, you get the best of two worlds: the center Tokyo within 40 minutes but lower costs of living.


Features of Matsudo International School 

・Great organization based on almost 30 years of experience
・Less students per class than in most other schools
・Preparation for higher education
・Great support for job hunting
・Accommodations provided



Programs and fees

1. Long-Term course

With the aim to become proficient in reading, writing, listening and speaking Japanese and prepare for JLPT or even EJU if you intend to go to higher education in Japan.

Start Date January, April, July, October
Duration 12 months, 15 months, 18 months or 2 years
Schedule Mon to Fri 9:00~12:30 or 13:15~16:45
Number of Lessons 20 lessons of 45 minutes each/week
Number of students in class 8-15
Required Japanese Skills Contact us
Tuition fee(Long Term) 658,800 ¥/1 year
671,000 ¥/1 year*

Application fee 22,000 ¥
Enrollment fee 55,000 ¥
Facility fee 13,200 ¥
Student insurance 14,980 ¥
TOTAL FOR 1 YEAR 763,980 ¥~776,180 ¥

* Tuition 671,000 ¥ from October, 2019.

2. Short-Term course

For those holding a working holiday visa, family visa or short-stay (“tourist”) visa (temporary stay).

Start Date Beginning of the month
Duration Month by month, from 1 month
Schedule Mon to Fri  9:00~12:30 or 13:15~16:45
Number of students in class 12 to 20
Required Japanese Skills Beginners accepted
Registration fee 5,000 ¥
Tuition fee 36,720 ¥/month (+ teaching materials and activities)


Activities offered by Matsudo International school

Cultural activities are part of the curriculum. Enjoy your time while discovering the Japanese culture.


Accommodations provided by Matsudo International School

The school manages its own apartments and houses for its students, located within 5 to 15 minutes walking distance from the school.

Registration fee 54,000 ¥
Move-in fee 21,600 ¥
Shared room (2) 25,000 ¥ to 28,000 ¥
Single room 30,000 ¥ to 35,000 ¥
Apartment 50,000 ¥ to 60,000 ¥
Home-stay 85,000 ¥ to 95,000 ¥


To learn more, contact-us here or by email: info@motivistjapan.com