Our Vocational Schools

We have received increased demand regarding Japanese vocational schools, especially Art schools (specifically manga schools), but also Healthcare schools and Japanese cuisine schools (including sushi schools). So here, you will find our partners offering specialized education. Just like with our Japanese Language Schools, we ensure that our partners provide high-quality teaching and that their programs lead to employment for their graduates. There are a lot of the world’s highest level of the industry in Japan.

Programs from good vocational schools are usually conducted in Japanese. Therefore, for those interested, learning Japanese first will be a must. Before you decide to study in Japan, make sure you have set your goals clearly. That will be the first step to successful and fulfilling studies.

We will soon add more vocational schools so make sure to visit our website frequently.

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Asabi Art Manga School Asabi design school logo

This school was established 70 years ago. It now teaches the most modern technologies and forms of art, including computer imaging. Within 3 years, learn art and design, possibly becoming a mangaka, among many art-related professions.
Tokyo Design Academy Tokyo Design Academy logo
Tokyo Design Academy

Located in Harajuku, this school features fascinating Art and Design programs. From Manga to Interior Design, artists will love what this school has to offer, including a marker international flair.
Tokyo Welfare College Tokyo Future University Welfare Child Care College logo
Tokyo Future University Welfare Child Care College

Tokyo Future University Welfare and childcare College has two departments: Child Care and Care worker. It is an educational institution with state-of-the-art facilities in the Tokyo metropolitan area. Two of childcare facilities are featured within the campus. Because the school belongs to the Sanko Gakuen group, there are a lot of opportunities in field training and employment within the group.