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Spend your Summer in Japan, sharing your time between hakone-Motivist-Japan learning the language (each weekday morning) and visits/trips, cultural activities and discoveries of some of Japan's most extraordinary places (Mount Fuji, Hakone, Kyoto …).

Live the true Japanese life and practice your Japanese language skills at your home-stay family.


Activities, excursions and trips
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1. Learn Japanese

2. Discover Japanese traditions and culture thanks to various organised activities

3. Live in the heart of Tokyo (a few minutes away from Shinjuku, Shibuya, Ikebukuro …)

4. Visit wonderful places (climb Mount Fuji, see Hakone, spend 3 days at Kyoto …)




Weekday mornings: Japanese lessons

The curriculum is focused on conversation. Practice your newly learned Japanese language skills with your home-stay family and come back home with a great level of Japanese !

Weekday afternoons :

. 2 or 3 afternoons per week : activities (see list below)

. 2 or 3 afternoons per week : free time

Weekends :

. Activities organised on Saturdays

. Free Sundays (with home-stay family or friends …)



Activities, excursions and trips:

Wear yukata

Learn how to make sushis

Artistic activities (to be determined)

Tea ceremony


Visit to Tokyo Sky tree

Guided tour of Tokyo

Climb Mount Fuji

Trip to Hakone

One day of Beach/Barbecue at Chiba

One day at Yokohama

3-day trip at Kyoto (Summer 2 and Summer 3 programs)



To know:

Home-stay (you also have the option to rent your own studio: contact us to know more)

Age requirement: 15 years old (parental permission required for minors)

Activities are subject to change, due to inclement weather notably

Please get your own travel insurance prior to coming to Japan




1 € = 123 ¥

1 US$ = 115 ¥

* Included: lessons, activities/excursions/trips, manuals

** Included: airport transfers (arrival only), lessons, activities/excursions/trips, manuals, home-stay (breakfasts and diners on weekdays; 3 meals on weekends)

Not-included: airplane tickets, insurance, transportation (subway) to and from the school, lunches during weekdays, pocket money


To know more about these programs or for any questions about studying in Japan, contact us: