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2Fri 2019

Admission to a Japanese University for International Students

After graduating senior high school, student now has the option to move in to higher education. Entering University in Japan is not as complicated as one would think. With the proper documents and preparation, you will be surprised that it

24Wed 2016

Why ask an agent to help you come study in Japan?

Sometimes, prospective students ask us: “Why should I apply through Motivist Japan instead of directly to the school?“. There are very good reasons to ask an Educational Agency like Motivist Japan to help you in your study-abroad endeavors. So we

23Tue 2016

Introducing Kasuga Japanese Language Academy

Kasuga Japanese Language Academy is located in Kobe. 
The school offers various programs, with the emphasis on preparation to study in higher education in Japan.
As is the case with most other schools, a lot of cultural activities are provided for international

25Wed 2015

Activities at Japanese Language Schools

Foreign students always keep fond memories of their studies in Japan. One of the main reasons for that are the activities outside of the school premises. Japanese culture is so rich and so unique that all language schools include numerous activities in