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2Fri 2019

Admission to a Japanese University for International Students

After graduating senior high school, student now has the option to move in to higher education. Entering University in Japan is not as complicated as one would think. With the proper documents and preparation, you will be surprised that it

7Mon 2016

Studying in Japan is also this …

We all know that the education system in Japan is excellent, higher education especially. Part of that is having great infrastructures for young people to study in the best conditions possible. Just like this new, state-of-the-art  library from Seikei University in

17Thu 2015

Studying in a Japanese University

We often receive inquiries from people willing to study in Japanese universities. Our first reaction is to ask them: “How good are your Japanese language skills?”. Most often, the answer to that question is “I cannot speak Japanese”. Those aspiring

4Fri 2015

Questions to ponder before studying in Japan

You love Japan. You have decided you want to experience life there. The best path for that is to learn the language first. So you intend to spend a year – maybe more – to learn Japanese in a language