Everything you need to study in Japan

We provide all the services to study in Japan. We have been in the Education field for more than 10 years. With our help, you will come to Japan with peace of mind.

Motivist Japan is a subsidiary of Ryugakusite.com,Inc. which has sent thousands of services-to-study-in-JapanJapanese students to study abroad.

Motivist is a privately-owned company partnered with educational institutes in Japan. We formed these partnerships to allow international students from abroad the opportunity to study in Japan and achieve their goals. Our expert staff and counselors can help you plan your studies, find a school, apply for a course, book accommodation, travel arrangement and more if needed.

We understand what students need, we value and give importance to students’ interests first and offer advice accordingly. We have formal working relationships with our schools. This means that our staff knows the application process well and can help you effectively.


Our Services:


Our experienced counselors are experts: they will find the best school and course for you.

All our counselors/staff have lived and studied abroad as foreign students. They understand your needs from a student’s point of view. They have extensive knowledge about Japanese education and life. They will be happy to guide you all the way from finding the right school to doing the visa processing. We understand each student is different and they all have different goals and needs. Our counselors will cover and help you with the following:motivist-japan-counselor

Overview of education system in Japan

Advise on appropriate courses and school (considering your interest, budgets and career goals)

Documents required for application process

Overview of application process and

Overview of student visa process (Experienced counselor will guide and help you prepare the necessary documents.)

Guidance for interview (We will prepare and guide you for visa interview (if applicable)

Pre-departure orientation (Advice what to expect on your arrival in Japan, immigration process, airport pick-up, accommodation, how to get to the school and things that you need to take to the school on your first day.)

After your arrival in Japan, we can also assist you with your other needs, such as opening a bank account, getting the health insurance and residence card.

Our services are free for students to enroll in one of our affiliated schools.


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What we can do

Help find the right school

We provide personalized counselling. Each student is unique: they have specific backgrounds, specific objectives. We adjust to our students' need and help them find the perfect program for them.

Do the paperwork

Applying to study abroad can be a tedious process. School admission, visa, resident card, ... We bring peace of mind to our students by taking care of all the paperwork.

Get a visa

Our counselors will do their best for you to get a student visa. We assist you and expedite the process.

Arrange the transportation

We can arrange the transfer from the airport to your first hosting place so that you are never left alone.

Help find the right place to stay

We always recommend our students to wait until they are in Japan to find the accommodations that suit them best. In any case, we can help them find housing in Japan.

Assist students in Japan

Our services do not stop once you arrive in Japan. We are always here to help you if you need advice.