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Globalization has reached the Education sector too. Each year, more and more students go study abroad. This trend is only going to increase. While the US are still the most sought destination, Japan is becoming more and more popular among young people. And it has become a great destination for them. Japan, new land of opportunity? Yes!

Here are the Top 10 reasons to study in Japan:

Reasons to study in Japan

1) The Japanese language is not difficult!

Really, Japanese language is not so difficult as it may seem to be. Many students become fluent within a year. Each year, thousands of international students graduate from Japanese language schools, mastering the language. Schools in Japan know how to do it: their students enroll knowing little or no Japanese. They leave being fluent. Of course, that requires dedication and hard work. But it is possible. And as you will see below, knowing the language will open many doors to you – and for your career. Further, the Japanese language is much more than the usual language skills. The non-verbal cues are extremely important to communicate in Japan. Becoming familiar to that will enhance your communication skills wherever you go on the world.

 2) Compared to other popular study-abroad destinations, Japan is quite cheap

One year tuition fee in a Japanese school or university costs about 6,000$. That’s half or even the third of what would cost equivalent studies in the US. Or in the UK, to name just two of most popular destinations. Likewise, the cost of living is lower in Japan (we will discuss that in another post soon). On top of that, many scholarships are awarded to international students. With or without scholarship, studying is Japan may bring the best value.

3) The quality of Education in Japan is high

Whether you simply want to study the language or want to enroll in a higher education institution, you can be sure of one thing: the quality of teaching will be high. This is just the rule in Japan: services are top-notch, and that includes Education. Evidence of that is showed by the high number of Nobel Prizes awarded to Japanese people (the highest in Asia, and second in the World since 2000) and the statistics provided by the OECD (for example: Japan constantly has 10 or more universities among the top-200 in the world, Japan is always among the world leaders in literacy).

Lots of schools to choose from in Japan

4) A Large choice of institutions to choose from

Japan has about 800 universities. And countless Vocational schools and Language Schools (to integrate higher education institutes, you may have to first study at a Language School). As the Japanese government has pledged that it wants to double the number of international students by 2020 (to reach 300,000), institutions have more and more programs for foreigners. International students are really welcome, if not wanted. For example, that will shows in the fact that more and more programs in Japan start in September to accommodate foreigners, instead of April. Whatever your field of Education, whatever your skills, the possibilities are almost limitless. The choice is truly yours.

5) Japan, a great school … of life

Living abroad – wherever that may be – is a great school of life. Japan even more so. In Japan, you will learn so much. For example, did you know that in Japanese, one seldom uses the pronoun “I” in comparison to westerners? That might be a detail but it actually tells a lot. Oriental philosophy, Japanese way of thinking … New perspectives. A new world will open up to you in Japan.

6) “Arbeit”: how to make your studies in Japan even less expensive

As we saw above, the cost of studies in Japan is rather low compared to other developed countries. In addition to that, another nice local feature may make your studies even less expensive. In Japan, foreign students are allowed to work up to 28 hours per week. Most international students decide to work. And they do find jobs easily. So it will really be up to you whether you need the extra income. It could cover your daily expenses. It could enable you to go out more, to travel. The choice is really yours in Japan!

7) After graduation, many job opportunities await in Japan

You will love Japan and chances are you will want to stay after your studies. That would be a good decision because the Japanese job market is extremely fluid. And the demand for language-skilled, international-oriented people is always strong. Basically, you would appeal to so many (big) Japanese companies that you would have no issue finding a job, regardless of the industry you choose. The job market is that good. As a matter of fact, 50% of Japanese companies are eager to find foreign graduates from Japanese schools. Last but not least, in Japan wages are high for qualified jobs.

Studying in Japan helps your career

8) As a matter of fact, many job opportunities await anywhere

Having studied in Japan – and thus speaking the language – will be greatly viewed if you decide to come back home, or go to another country. Your new skills and experience will be assets for you to find good jobs. Japanese big companies have branches all over the world. And, since Japan has such a powerful economy, companies abroad look at the Japanese market with interest and therefore hire people with your profile. Thanks to your new experience you will stand out.

Life in Japan

9) Discover a unique culture

Japan is unique in many ways. Studying in Japan will bring you more than a new language and/or a new degree. You will learn on a personal level, as was mentioned before. But you will also discover a new culture, new arts, new hobbies maybe, a new way of life for sure, combining traditions and modernism. In no other country will you experience such contrasts. High technology everywhere … Deeply rooted traditions everywhere as well. And yet a unique, harmonious and serene environment. Japanese culture is ingrained in business too. Japanese creativity makes for reputed engineering and famous designers.

10) Simply: Life in Japan is GREAT!

Japan is the third economy in the world. Life there is very comfortable. It may be the safest developed country. The Health insurance system is good. The (public) transportation is reliable. The services are second to none in the world. People are known to be generally very welcoming, respectful and polite. Japan boast some of the most amazing nature sceneries. Food is very healthy (surely one of the reasons why Japanese have the highest life expectancy in the world). Unemployment is low (see 5)). And we could go on and on. What’s not to like? Don’t make us wrong: there is no such thing as the perfect place. But surely, one of the best reasons to study in Japan is that it is a great place to live in.


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