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29Fri 2016

Kanto versus Kansai: what are the differences?

An old proverb says “A man from the East (“Edokko”; “Edo” is the old name of Tokyo, “Ko” means “child”) matches well a woman from Kyoto”. According to the saying, a strong and open-hearted East man (Edokko) suits well a tender

28Thu 2016

Introducing Tokyo Design Academy

We are glad to announce that we have a new partner, Tokyo Design Academy.
This school offers many opportunities for all people with the soul of creators and artists. Among its programs are Manga, Graphic Design, Interior Design, Animation … Pretty much

27Wed 2016

Learn Japanese online: Introducing Japan-Activator

If you are serious about coming to study in Japan, you should first learn … Japanese. Not just because it will make your life easier once you are in Japan. But also because whatever you have learned in your home

26Tue 2016

J-Pop Idols’ right “to pursue happiness”

Japan is full of paradoxes. That makes it all the more fascinating.
The country of Love Hotels prevents its “idols” to be involved in romantic relationships. That can easily be explained by the fact that those young women should represent purity.

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15Fri 2016

Attention to details or not, Tourism booming in Japan

We have had the opportunity to mention it numerous times: Japan is doing its best to attract more foreign students. More tourists as well. The Japanese government is working hard to improve the conditions of foreigners’ stays in Japan. And in

13Wed 2016

About JLPT

Practically, JLPT is comparable to TOEIC test in English. It consists of measuring Linguistic knowledge (Vocabulary, Grammar, Kanji), reading comprehension, and listening.
For foreign people to work or study in Higher Education institutes in Japan, it is necessary to reach level N1 or

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6Wed 2016

Happy New Year (The year of the Monkey)

Greetings from Japan, from the Motivist Japan team!
Best Wishes to all, and Happy and Successful Studies to the new students coming to Japan this year!
You must have heard of it: this year is the year of the Monkey according to