Monthly Archives: February 2016

29Mon 2016

Foreign careworkers wanted in Japan

As we all know, Japan is facing demographic issues on both ends: a low birth rate and an aging population. Workforce is lacking and the Japanese government is tackling the issue step by step. The latest example is a conclusion from a

24Wed 2016

Why ask an agent to help you come study in Japan?

Sometimes, prospective students ask us: “Why should I apply through Motivist Japan instead of directly to the school?“. There are very good reasons to ask an Educational Agency like Motivist Japan to help you in your study-abroad endeavors. So we

23Tue 2016

Introducing Kasuga Japanese Language Academy

Kasuga Japanese Language Academy is located in Kobe. 
The school offers various programs, with the emphasis on preparation to study in higher education in Japan.
As is the case with most other schools, a lot of cultural activities are provided for international

22Mon 2016

About the JR Pass

The Japanese Rail Service is worldly known for its reliability and punctuality. If you want to travel Japan nationwide, we definitely recommend you to purchase “Japan Rail Pass (JR pass)” in your country. But first, we would like to emphasize that the

17Wed 2016

Learn Japanese online: Introducing Learn-Japanese-Adventure

We continue our series of reviewing sites to learn Japanese online (see our review of Japanese-Activator here). Today we will review the site Learn-Japanese-Adventure.com.
If we had judged by its appearance, we would surely have bounced out of this site quickly. It has

16Tue 2016

Is life in Japan expensive?

Is life in Japan really expensive or is that a cliché? This is one recurrent question we get from students before they start planning studying in Japan. (More about money in Japan here).
People who say that life in Japan is

12Fri 2016

The mystery of Valentine’s Day in Japan … Of love in Japan, actually

On Valentine’s Day in Japan, girls give chocolates to boys
Everyone knows that Valentine’s Day is lovers’ day. But Japanese customs is quite different from Westerners’. First, Japanese Valentine’s Day is the confession of girls to boys. Secondly, presents are (generally) chocolate. Thirdly,

10Wed 2016

Ryokan: Japanese hospitality

Do you know the word “おもてなし” (“Omotenashi”)? “Omotenashi” is the way of Japanese Hospitality. The philosophy of “Omotenashi” is originally rooted in “茶道” (“Sado”). Tea ceremony – “茶会” (“Chakai”) is known as a part of “Sado”. “茶人” – “Chajin” or

4Thu 2016

When technology rhymes with creepy

A potentially great device. A definitely bad video.
Introducing “Ili”, a (supposedly) great, translating device. You speak in English, the translator delivers the translation into Japanese (and Chinese). The idea is wonderful (it remains to be seen if it truly works

3Wed 2016

About Japanese honorifics (San, Sama, Kun, Chan, Dono)

One of main difficulties in learning Japanese might be being able to handle polite expressions properly. Why it is difficult? Because the differences between these expressions are very subtle, and in order to use them accurately, one needs to perceive whether the other person is