Monthly Archives: March 2016

31Thu 2016

The “flip” side of Sakura

Actually, “Sakura”, cherry tree blossom, is not the main culprit, contrary to one may think. Cedar trees (“sugi”) are, as are cypresses (“hinoki”). As beautiful as Spring season is in Japan (and by now, we assume you have heard of Sakura

30Wed 2016

Making your own Anime like Ghibli Studio (or almost!)

Great news for all Anime fans and those planning to pursue a career in this field. You can now use the Software that Ghibli Studio uses (at least the basic features of it). An open source version of Toonz has been

24Thu 2016

Japan might export submarines to Australia

Japan was completely beaten up by World War II. Since then, Japanese did self-examination and have thusly tried to protect its peaceful constitution. So far, Japanese armies are allowed to exist only for self-defense purposes. This is called “自衛隊” (“Jieitai”). “Tai” means “team”. “Jieitai”

23Wed 2016

Travel insurance: a new service for tourists in Japan

As the number of tourists in Japan is reaching – and soon exceeding – 15 millions, a Japanese insurance company (Sompo Japan Nipponkoa Insurance) has launched a new service for foreign tourists. As the Japanese Travel Agency claims that 30% of

22Tue 2016

About Japan, Nobel Prizes and Yamatodamashii

Japanese GDP is the third in the world and its advanced technologies are worldly known. Yet the number of Japanese Novel Prize winners is only 24. That’s seventh in the world – though it is top for Asian countries. As far as natural sciences

17Thu 2016

A revolutionary desk

420 minutes a day. Observing that people in Japan, on average, sit 120 minutes more than any other people in world, a Japanese company – Okamura (http://www.okamura.jp/) – has worked on an equipment that may revolutionize office people’s work.
It has become an issue

16Wed 2016

The Sense of hygiene in Japan

Yesterday we were discussing making sushis and thus grasping the rice … That triggered a question about hygiene. So today we’ll discuss the sense of hygiene in Japan, which is important in this society.
In terms of hygiene, wiping and washing

15Tue 2016

About Hayazushi and Narezushi

While everyone knows about sushi, most foreign people may not know that there are various kinds of Sushi in Japan. To simplify, kinds of Sushi can be divided into two types: “早鮨” (“Hayazushi”) and “なれ鮨” (“Narezushi”). “Haya” means “quick”, “Nare” means “become”. The difference between

14Mon 2016

About high school uniforms in Japan

March signals the end of the school year in Japan. Time to discuss the world-famous Japanese high school uniforms. All manga readers are familiar with those uniforms. While schools have, understandably, their own uniforms, did you know that trends vary

11Fri 2016

Why do Japanese eat Fugu?

Most people don’t like Winter because it’s cold. Yet, there are still benefits and things to enjoy from this season. For example, many Japanese people enjoy “鍋料理” (“Nabe ryori”, or “one pot meal”). Above all, “Fugu nabe” (Pufferfish pot) is the King of Nabe.
The appearance