Monthly Archives: April 2016

25Mon 2016

If you get lost in Japan

One of the many things that are great about Japan is how Japanese people are helpful. Every foreigner in Japan has experienced having had to ask their way and then have the Japanese person literally take them to the place. Whether you

21Thu 2016

On Japan’s future

Once upon a time, Harvard Professor Ezra Vogel wrote a best-seller about Japan. It was the end of the 70’s. Japan had impressively overcome World War II’s cruel consequences and achieved excellence. To such an extent that Japan had become a model,

20Wed 2016

Immigration opens its doors at Narita

Do not take this piece of news literally. Then again, 159 passengers coming from Taiwan literally did enter Japan without having to go through immigration at Narita Airport indeed. Somehow, the blunder happened because the passengers were taken to a Domestic

18Mon 2016

Japanese thoughts on international marriages

We have the opportunity to say that quite often in this space: Japan is opening to the world. Ineluctable globalization. Demographic issues (aging society and extremely low birth rate). With more and more gaikokujin (i.e. foreigners) in Japan, there are more

15Fri 2016

Can you eat with chopsticks? ;-)

One comment that all gaikokujin have heard in Japan is: “Wow, you can use chopsticks! Sugoi! (すごい)! ” (here “Sugoi” means “Terrific”). Is this the expression of Japanese kindness or is it second degree humor? We tend to think it is the

14Thu 2016

Here is the world’s most vegetarian burger

Mo’s Burger is a famous hamburger/fast food chain in Japan (actually second to you-know-who). It is known for serving really good burgers, among which its tofu burgers (soy patties). As vegetarians know well, tofu is a good source of proteins, without

13Wed 2016

In Japan, you can make payment using your fingerprints

The new system is to be tested as soon as this Summer, with the intent to be fully implemented by the Olympic games. The purpose is obviously to make the shopping experience easier for tourist and thus boost the economy via increased

12Tue 2016

Drones soon all over the sky in Japan?

Driver-less car technology is already quite advanced, in Japan and other countries. This week, drone home delivery service has started in the city of Chiba – coincidentally, this is where we are located – a few kilometers east of Tokyo. And

11Mon 2016

Tokyo to add more train lines

The transportation in the Tokyo area makes one dizzy. Not the transportation itself, which is most often very reliable and even comfortable (if one can avoid rush hours). But the numbers are vertiginous. 40 millions riders every day. Almost 15 billions

7Thu 2016

A glimpse of what life in rural Japan is

Japan has a lot to offer, in every aspect. It is a land of paradoxes and contrasts. To many, Japan is about its subcultures (manga, anime, Akihabara etc …). About megalopolises. Too often forgotten is the countryside of Japan. The