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23Mon 2016

Japanese etiquette at the office

Or rather: “Japanese etiquette at the office that ticks off Japanese office workers“. The Japanese website R25.jp has conducted a poll to find out which, out of the many Japanese business etiquette rules, annoy them the most. Two hundreds Japanese

16Mon 2016

Foreign ski instructors wanted in Japan

Visa requirements are not eased just for social/healthcare labor force. The Japanese government is firing on all cylinders. In an effort to keep on boosting tourism in Japan, the government wants to make it easier for foreign ski instructors to

14Sat 2016

The Stronger bond between Japan and Vietnam are reflected in Education

A sign of time, for the first time ever, the Japanese language will soon be taught in some public elementary school in a South-East Asian country, namely Vietnam. In this country, it has been more than ten years since the

11Wed 2016

About the Shiba-Sakura festival

Cherry blossom is now finished in most parts of Japan (you may still enjoy hanami in Hokkaido). But there are always beautiful sceneries to be seen in Japan, whatever the season may be. If you are nostalgic of Sakura, you may enjoy the

how to become a mangaka plus
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9Mon 2016

To the attention of manga lovers

If you love manga and happen to draw manga yourself (even just as a hobby – no need to have been published (yet)), whether you are an aspiring mangaka or not, make sure to send your works to the International

9Mon 2016

Less and less children in Japan

As yet another evidence that demography is Japan is in trouble, the Japanese government announced on May 4 – on the eve of “Kids’ day” – that the number of children aged 14 or under in Japan fell. Not only is

6Fri 2016

About Onsen

When you ask a Japanese person what he/she enjoys the most, they often answer “going to onsens”. Onsens are hot springs. You can find them all over Japan. When Japanese have free time, they like going to resorts that have onsens. It

4Wed 2016

About Kids’ day and Koinobori

As we mentioned in our previous post, May 5 is “Kids’ Day” in Japan. More specifically, it is “Boys’ Day”. This day is meant to wish boys a healthy, happy future. Japanese people often display “banners” (made of paper or

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2Mon 2016

A prized time in Japan: Golden Week

Golden week (GW) is often the longest vacation of the year for Japanese workers. It is also one of the nicest time, weather-wise, tucked between winter and the rain season (which itself precedes scorching summers). A lot of Japanese choose to