Student Visa for Japan

In order to study in Japan, students must generally get a Student Visa – unless the students come from specific countries and intend to study less than 3 months, or unless they are eligible to get a Working Holiday visa.  Visa applications are submitted by students at the Japanese Embassy or Consulate in their home country. But before that, they must get a Certificate of Eligibility. That is somewhat complicated and a lengthy process. This is where Motivist Japan can help.

Overall, the visa application procedure takes months.

How to get a student visa for Japan?


Conditions to be granted a visa:

Visa application

Prospective students must be 18 years old or more, and have completed high School or above with higher education (there may be exceptions).

Note: Japan’s educational system consists of 12 years (6-3-3) of studies. Then students advance to higher education like college or university. Educational system of some countries doesn’t fulfill 12 years before higher education. If applicants from these countries graduate from high school as their final educational background, they cannot apply for student visa or higher education in Japan.

For more information on requirements, please click here.

Length of the visa:

2 years maximum.

Student visas can be extended whenever students extend their studies.

(If you are planning to study a year or more, you are required to apply for the National Health Insurance. With the National Health Insurance you can receive medical treatment and pay only 30% of the total cost.)

Starting Dates:

The Japanese academic year starts in April. But there are generally 4 sessions per year in Japanese language schools: January, April, July and October.

Getting a student visa for Japan can be a cumbersome process. This is one of the reasons why Motivist Japan can help you. Thanks to our experience, we can speed up the process and make it as smooth as it can be. We take care of all the paperwork. You save time and energy. And you gain peace of mind.


Procedure for applicants who need a Student Visa

Procedure Starting dates & Deadlines
April * July October * January
You send us the necessary documents by email. Aug. ~ Nov. Jan. ~ Mar. Feb. ~ May Jun.~Sep.
We review the documents. Once cleared, you send the originals (when required, you send the Application fee to the school). Oct. ~ Nov. Feb. ~ Mar. Apr. ~ May Aug. ~Sep.
Your application is sent to the Regional Immigration Bureau in Japan. End of Nov. End of Mar. End of May End of Sep.
The Immigration Bureau checks your documents Dec. ~ Feb. Apr. ~ May June ~ Aug. Sep. ~ Nov.
The Immigration Bureau issues a Certificate of Eligibility (Permission from the Japanese Government to be granted a Student visa). End of Feb. End of May End of Aug. End of Nov.
The school issues the invoice. End of Feb. End of May End of Aug. End of Nov.
You remit the invoiced fees to the school. Beg.of Mar. Beg.of June Beg.of Sep. Beg.of Dec.
After confirmation of payment, we send you the Admission Certificate and the original Certificate of Eligibility. Mid. of Mar. Beg. of June Mid. of Sep. Mid. of Dec.
You submit above documents with all other supporting documents at the Japanese Embassy to apply for your visa. Mid.of Mar. Mid.of June Mid.of Sep. Mid.of Dec.
Departure for Japan. Beg.of Apr. Beg.of July Beg.of Oct. Beg.of Jan.

* Getting the “CoE” for the April and October sessions takes longer as those 2 sessions are the busiest ones

Student visa for Japan

Motivist Japan helps expedite the process and get your visa application approved