Here are some testimonials from students who studied in Japan with the help of Motivist.

Disclaimer: some of those testimonials were not from English native speakers and thus had to be translated


Joshua Ferrer, 23 years old – Tokyo (January 2020 intake)


“Very kind and responsible people. They help you with every question you have. Through them it was very easy to access Japan and start a Japanese course!”





David M., 23 years old – Tokyo (January 2020 intake)

“Everything went smoothly, so far so good. Also thank you for your help on my application procedures during the past 6 months, it made the application process very straight forward. Thank you very much indeed.”



Anna-Maria, 29 years old – Tokyo 

“Fast replies, solutions for every crisis, polite and friendly, everything great!

I’ve been wanting to go and live in Japan for over a decade. Thanks to Motivist Japan, this is reality! Frederic provided me with invaluable assistance and explained everything. He gave me options, solutions and peace of mind. When I was at the Japanese Embassy, had very limited time and needed information, he replied immediately. Whenever I’d ask a question, he’d give me an elaborate answer that didn’t leave any room for confusion or doubts. He was always there to help and I know that, even when I’ll be living in Japan and have a question, he will still help me with his knowledge and advice! I am very thankful for everything he and Motivist Japan in general, have done to help me make my dream come true! I wouldn’t be able to without them!

If you are thinking about studying in Japan too, I doubt you’ll ever find anyone more suitable and helpful than Motivist Japan! JUST DO IT!”


Julie B., 26 years old – Tokyo 

“I found out about Motivist by chance. I wanted to go to Japan on a Working Holiday visa and one day I came across this company. And I registered. I have a good adviser, I had lots of trouble with the papers, but now I am near my goal. I wait for my visa. And next I will be able to fly to Japan.”

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Ludovic Gironde, 34 years old – Tokyo 

My counselor got out of his way to find the right school for me. I can guarantee you that Motivist Japan is an excellent solution for anyone wanting to come learn Japanese in Japan.

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Ana Rodríguez, 26 years old – Sapporo

“They try to do their best in order to reduce documents process and avoid future students get stressful with the acceptance process. They reply very fast and they are very kind, excellent service I´m really satisfied with Motivist’s services.”



Mélissa F., 24 years old – Kyoto 

“Thank you for everything you’ve done. I leave for Japan on December 15!”

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Thierry Dorme, 51 years old – Kyoto

“Competence, kindness and availability all second to none. They assisted me for all the paperwork. I could rely on them for each issue that came up. This is invaluable to prepare such a journey.”



Jopete Caga, 36 years old – Chiba 

“My counselor has been very helpful and reliable from the day I contacted Motivist Japan.

Being the first Filipino they ever assisted to Japan, I couldn’t be more thankful and grateful for where I am right now.”



Kevin B., 24 years old – Osaka

“Real follow-up. The staff got really involved in my project.

I found Motivist by chance on the internet. That’s how I inquired and now I’m getting ready to gp to Japan in less than a month. The person I spoke with for almost a year before planning my stay and everything else helped me a lot. And I’d like to thank him again, as well as the school that will welcome me at the beginning of April! Thanks again for everything 🙂.”



Austin Roberts, 23 years old – Kyoto 

“I had been doing self-study in the Japanese language for a couple years, and it was the most meaningful thing to come into my life. For most of my life, I felt like I was just going wherever the currents took me, and didn’t have a very solid idea of where I wanted to take my life. However, after passing the JLPT N5, and then the JLTP N4, it was clear that wherever I went, I wanted to use the Japanese language as much as I possibly could.

I had originally planned on traveling to Japan together with a friend of mine, though again there wasn’t a really solid plan of how things were going to go. Most stories you find online about people living in Japan involve teaching English as a way to enter the country, and that isn’t exactly the most enticing option for someone who wants to experience Japan and the Japanese language itself as deeply as possible!

It was during the initial planning for my travels that I came across a web-advertisement for Motivist Japan by chance on the website for an old learning tool that I no longer used. I was initially a bit wary, as it seemed almost like a dream come true.

However, my concerns where quickly put to rest as I communicated with the staff at Motivist Japan. It is clear that they truly care about getting you a future in Japan as they work with you to get your paperwork to the school and immigration officers in as perfect of a condition as possible. They were very prompt to respond to all my emails and very informative about what to expect during and after the application process. I never once felt like I was speaking with someone who wasn’t completely committed to getting me into the school of my choice in Japan.

Most of all, in speaking with Motivist Japan, I was able to get some much needed direction in my life. I now have a firm idea of what career paths I want to take in my future in Japan and what steps I need to take to get there, and it seems more like a reality than ever now, when before the thought of traveling to Japan seemed like a fantasy. It was a bit stressful waiting the long months for the Japanese government to issue my COE, but it arrived and with it I was able to acquire a visa from my local consulate office without trouble. I am flying out to begin my new life in 3 days, and cannot completely express how much Motivist has helped to get me to this point. Doumo arigatou gozaimashita!”



Franck V., 46 years old – Kyoto

“For years, I considered the possibility of learning Japanese – and why not in Japan. Through a newsletter (that of the application Japan-Activator), I got to know the services of Motivist Japan. I already knew equivalent services, but this newsletter was the little boost that made me contact Motivist. My personal and professional situation allowed me to consider a long-term training, but as time passed by, I thought that my age would be an obstacle. But I came across a very attentive counselor who immediately understood my aspirations and responded point by point to all my questions. From thread to needle, almost imperceptibly, everything was set up with ease. Today, I’m preparing to leave for Japan in 8 days … In summary, I sincerely believe that if friends had helped me in my project, they could not have done better than Motivist and that is admirable!”



Salvatore A., 22 years old – Osaka

“A follow-up of quality. As soon as I had a question, I got a very quick answer. It really made it easier for me. Thanks a lot for your help.”



Chloé M., 21 years old – Tochigi

“I knew about Motivist Japan through a website called DozoDomo. I was very satisfied with the services, quite fast despite the time difference. I was fortunate to have a very patient counselor who really helped me a lot in the search for a school, even though it was for a very short stay. If I did not understand some formalities to complete, I would get a precise explanation. I was really happy with the service provided and if I could go back to Japan for a longer period, I would not hesitate to contact Motivist Japan again. I will recommend it to my friends.”



Mehdi C., 31 years old – Tokyo

“For several months now, I have been assisted by your team to help me make my project a reality and thankfully I can count on your help because to carry out these steps alone would be much more complicated and tedious. In this regard, I particularly want to thank Frédéric who accompanied me on a daily basis and who brought me valuable advice as well as a look ahead at experiences. This allows me to focus on other more personal things to manage since I can trust him for the rest! Thanks again!!!”



Floriane M., 21 years old – Osaka

“A help from the decision to leave until the departure. I do not think I would leave today for 1 year in Osaka without Motivist Japan. Help to choose school, administrative stuff, daily life in Japan, always ready to answer questions of all kinds, always very quickly. I will recommend 200% Motivist Japan!”



David M., 27 years old – Fukuoka

“I learned about Motivist Japan on the internet by looking for information about different possibilities to study in Japan. I went to their website and filled out a registration form, and shortly thereafter I was contacted by Frédéric. For more than 6 months, he and the Motivist Japan team helped me prepare my project. Thanks to their experience and their advice I was able to build this project step by step. With their help I was able to find a school in Fukuoka in Kyushu, where I could learn Japanese for several months during my Working Holiday visa. Frédéric and the team of Motivist Japan have always been listening to me, always very responsive and helpful. They were able to find solutions adapted to my desires and my project. Thanks again to Motivist Japan.”



Julien S., 23 ans – Tokyo

“Not knowing how to handle things (registration, relocation …), I came across Motivist Japan via an article on the blog Nippon Connection. They accompanied me in my endeavors in such a way that everything seemed to become easy. My timing was quite difficult but it is as planned now.”



Mélina M., 23 ans – Hiroshima

“Frederick-san, who was in charge of my file, has always provided good advice and made my school and visa procedures clear and simple. Likewise, if I had questions about other things like life in Japan, housing, etc, he was also doing his best to inform me. I am therefore very happy with the services of Motivist Japan and have already recommended this organization to several people.”



Mickaël M., 29 years old – Hiroshima

“Very good experience that I will recommend to my friends. A counselor who helps you enormously. This is extremely appreciable.”



Julien C., 27 years old – Kyoto

“Very good experience. Always attentive and quick to answer, I never had to wait more than 24 hours for an answer. If I had to express criticism, I would say that perhaps a little more initiative and anticipation for the administrative approach would have been better.”



Amélie D., 23 years old – Tokyo

“I did not know how to organize my trip to Japan. My Motivist counselor talked to me a lot and guided me, he helped me get organized, and all that reassured me. Motivist motivated me 🙂 I really appreciated that I was advised even after my arrival in Japan.”



Erwan C., 25 years old – Tokyo

“The contacts were fast and the objectives quickly defined. The monitoring was constant and everything went smoothly!”



Ranmaru M., 29 years old – Kyoto

“I am Ranmaru. Don’t mind my name. I am Belgian. Small country near France. I had been wanting to settle in Japan for years. It was the dream of my life. So, last spring, I chose to make it real. It was decided! I would go to study in Japan! First step crossed … the simplest, take THE decision. Then it was more complicated. Studying is good … Finding a school is better.

So, like everyone else, I was searching on the internet. My level of Japanese allowed me to understand in broad outline the curriculum of schools, their location, possibly the registration process. But making contact and making myself understood was much more difficult. Not having a school diploma, no 12 years of study (no degree), the choice of schools became really very thin. I found none.

After a few weeks, I almost gave up. It all seemed so complicated. To do research entirely in Japanese became difficult if not impossible. I needed people to help me. And it was with a mere luck that I discovered “Motivist Japan”!

On their website, they said they would help students who want to come to learn Japanese. Free service, in French, support on the spot, …. I sent an email. Very quickly, Frederic, in charge of the reception in French answered me. The contact was easy, I was quickly at ease and I could explain all my situation.

He reacted immediately and in 2-3 weeks had already found me a school and made contact with it. The time difference always made us communicate with a 1-day “delay” but, with permanent support by email, I was able to gather all the necessary documents. And I was accepted by the school.

Throughout the procedure, I stayed in touch with Frederic, including during the journey, the moving in and the beginning of the courses. With the team of Motivist Japan, he was able to advise me on many topics such as housing, or send me to the right people (ex. to bring my dogs). They went out of their way to make sure everything went well. And everything went well.

The services offered by Motivist Japan are completely free. They are available and helpful. And really help!

What I appreciated the most, I think, is the fact that the support continues. Even after arriving, I still had a contact. I could always ask for advice. Mail, phone, Skype, … I was not only listened to (and understood) but I was especially guided, supported in this project, this dream of life which seemed to me so inaccessible.

Now, I live in Kyoto. I study, I meet people, I drink a little sake … but just a little. I discover wonderful places. I found my place.

I will never be grateful enough to Frederic, and to the entire Motivist team for being there. If you too would like to come to Japan to study Japanese but feel lost, do not know how to do it or simply need advice, I strongly recommend that you contact them.”



Lucas H., 19 years old – Tokyo 

“I wanted to experience life in Japan. I searched on the internet and I found “Motivist Japan”. I contacted them and I was impressed by how fast they answered me. They helped me to find the right school for me, they took care of the paperwork. They answered all my questions. I feel that without them I could not have made it to Japan. Thank you again Motivist Japan. “



Anthony Q., 25 years old – Tokyo

“I have always had a special affection for Japan and its unique and exciting culture. Since my youngest age, I have been exposed to it through anime and video games. Of course, reducing Japan to these two aspects is totally absurd and it does not reflect reality, but these universes made me want to know more about this country.

It’s through some reports on the channel Nolife (Japan In Motion, etc …) and via the internet that I learned a little more. These few information sites consolidated my dream: Visit Japan. I started to learn the language self-taught and then I tried to plan my trip but I never really decided. It was then that, tired of the routine of my life, I wondered about the meaning of my life and looked into the possibility of going to Japan, where I think I am more in my place. But that was not going to happen without efforts and momentum on my part. I inquired on the internet and I discovered the Motivist Japan website.

After a few exchanges with my interlocutor, I quickly realized that this project was not so difficult to realize. My counselor was able to find my way and allowed me to consolidate my dream, despite some difficulties in implementation. His kindness and professionalism reassured me. I had the impression to communicate with a correspondent as the exchanges were pleasant. Now, only time finally separates me from this experience. Hoping that this project will be successful, I think I can never thank enough this person for allowing me to live this dream.”



Naïs M., 20 years old – Kyoto

“I discovered the existence of Motivist Japan thanks to the Facebook page of Domodozo. Once I did some research, it seemed obvious to me to use the help proposed by Motivist Japan. Everything was very fast, very easy to understand, and with a real follow-up. That help me to not feel alone facing a project of expatriation of one year in a country as foreign as Japan. My experience with Motivist Japan exceeded my expectations regarding help, follow-up, explanations etc.”



Aurore T., 21 years old – Tokyo

“Quality service, invaluable help … Motivist Japan is a quality service that I recommend to anyone wanting to study in Japan.”



Elsy L., 28 years old – Kyoto

“Everything went very well, the contact with Motivist Japan was fast and efficient, all my answers were answered properly and I only had to answer the emails and send papers so that everything seemed easy. Now I can live my dream and I am going to live in Japan! Thank you a thousand times Motivist Japan!”



Axel H., 21 years old – Tokyo

“In contact with Motivist Japan since August 2016, I have dealt with your team throughout the year. At first it was for information in order to stay in Japan while I stayed there as a tourist. Then when I came back to France, I asked your team to inform me of the procedures to apply for a language school, the time to find the funding and to collect the sum for my registration, your team assisted me, advised and informed to the maximum. For every question I asked, I was given an answer. It was a long journey but thanks to your help I could realize my dream and my goal and now I will stay for a year and a half at least in Japan, study Japanese, and work. I thank you, without your help, your advice, and your constant presence I could not have achieved this dream.”




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