Introduction of Shinwa Foreign Language Academy

Shinwa Foreign Language Academy is very well located, in the heart of Tokyo, at Takadanobaba, near the renown Waseda University. This school is the epitome of the Japanese language school. High quality courses adapted to student’s levels and goals, various events and activities, staff are devoted to helping students to adjust to their new life, regular counseling sessions to guide students, various accommodation options offered to students, as well as part-time job positions.



Information about Shinwa Foreign Language Academy

Location Tokyo Accommodation Residence
Foundation 1990 Membership Association for the Promotion of Japanese Language Education
Capacity 660 Number of teachers 50



Features of Shinwa Foreign Language Academy

1. Many teachers, which means more personalized guidance for students, one-on-one reviews, translations and assistance to explain difficult lessons.

2. Daily and weekly tests to assess and improve each student’s weaknesses.

3. Ongoing personal counseling with teachers and staff to prepare students for life after Shinwa, be it higher education or job hunting.

4. Free EJU preparation course.

5. Partnership with a catering company to place students for arubaito.


A quick look at some of the facilities



Conditions of Admission

  • 12 years of schooling
  • 150 hours of studying Japanese or JLPT N5 (for long-term courses)



Courses offered by Shinwa Foreign Language Academy

1. Long-term courses (15 months and more)

Before you start class, you will take a test to assess your Japanese language skills. You will be placed in a course that matches those skills. Shinwa-Japanese-school-Motivist

Every day, you will take a mini-test to ensure you have well assimilated the previous day’s lesson.

You can choose programs of 15, 18, 21 or 24 months.

Also, advanced students can attend an EJU preparation class and Preparation for Graduate School Admission Exam class.

Recap information about regular long-term courses:

Start January *, April, July, October
Length 15 (start in January), 18 (October), 21 (July) or 24 (April) months
Schedule Monday to Friday / Morning (9:00 to 12:25) or Afternoon (13:00 to 16:25)
Students per course Variable – Between 10 and 20
Required Japanese language skills Beginners accepted
Application fee 20,000 Yen
Admission fee 50,000 Yen
Facilities, Equipment 37,500 Yen
Textbook 12,500 Yen
Tuition fee (15 months) 825,000 Yen
TOTAL (15 months) 945,000 Yen

* In order to start the long-term course in January, students must passed at least JLPT N3.

2. Short-term courses (3 or 6 months)

This is the same regular course as the long-term courses. But the short-term courses are for those who come to Japan with a working holiday visa, or as temporary visitors (3 months or more).

Information about short-term courses:

Start January, April, July, October
Length 3 months or 6 months
Schedule Monday to Friday / Morning (9:00 to 12:25) or Afternoon (13:00 to 16:25)
Number of students per class Variable – Between 10 and 20
Required Japanese language skills Beginners accepted
Total fee for 3 months 174,000 Yen
Total fee for 6 months 328,000 Yen

A look at the course curriculum:




Activities offered by Shinwa Foreign Activités-Shinwa-Japon-MotivistLanguage Academy

Various field trips, activities and seasonal events are organized by the school. Culture, entertainment, festivals … there is always something going on. Visit museums and temples, spend a day in theme parks, attend school parties and barbecues, try to wear a kimono … Learning Japanese is also about learning the history, culture and way of life.



Accommodations offered

The school can introduce students to various residences nearby the school. Some will be about 5 minutes by foot from the school. The farthest won’t be more than 30 minutes by train. Easy commute to make students’ life easier.

All dormitories are fully equipped. So, again, students don’t have to worry about those things.

Important: for leases of 3 months or more.

Fees between 140,000 and 160,000 Yen for 3 months (the fee is significantly reduced for the subsequent periods).


Example of costs for 1 year of studies at Shinwa Foreign Language Academy (including housing) – 2017

Here is an estimate of the costs to study for one year at Shinwa Foreign Language Academy. It includes the accommodation fees. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Application fee 20,000 Yen
Entrance fee 50,000 Yen
Tuition fee 825,000 Yen
Facilities, Equipment 37,500 Yen
Textbooks 12,500 Yen
Accommodation (Shared room) 510,000 Yen
Total 1,455,000 Yen



To know more, contact-us here or by email : info@motivistjapan.com