Kobe city is one of the ordinance-designated cities; its population is more than 1,500,000. Kobe city is located in the Southern part of the Hyogo prefecture. It is near Osaka city.

Kobe is known for its great living environment, and its proneness to diversity

Kobe features one of the best harbors in Japan and is known for its very pleasant living environment. UNESCO valued Kobe as a “Design city” – the first time an Asian city got such reward. Kobe was also considered the fifth most pleasant city to live in, in the world, by the Swiss company ECA international. As an important port, various kinds of foreigners came to this city. This is the reason why Kobe has a pretty diverse atmosphere. There is a China town, a Muslim mosque, a Jewish synagogue … These is quite unusual in Japan.

Kobe’s beef is worldly known for its quality. Arima Onsen is also known as the oldest hot spring in Japan. Mount Rokko is a part of “Setonaikai National Park” and symbol of this city. A night view from Mount Rokko provides one of the best landscapes in Japan (see below). We can say that Kobe is a place where most good points of the Japanese culture have been condensed. Definitely a good place to consider to study in Japan.

Kobe University is considered as the third national university in the Kansai region. Specifically, its human science department is very well-reputed.

Average High Temperatures
4.6°C 6.1°C 9.3°C 14.9°C 19.4°C 23.2°C 26.8°C 28.3°C 25.2°C 19.3°C 13.9°C 8.7°C


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Spectacular view from Mount Rokko

Spectacular view from Mount Rokko