Overview of Makuhari Japanese Language School

Makuhari Japanese Language School, located in Makuhari, Chiba, in new facilities, provides a perfect environment  to learn Japanese, Japanese culture and Japanese communication skills for students from overseas and foreign residents in Japan.

Studying in Makuhari is a great combination: while being very near Tokyo (and all its attractions and job opportunities), one can enjoy lower costs of living and more space.

Features of Makuhari Japanese Language School


  1. Strong support for education and job placement by the school’s head office, which runs Chiba mode Business Gakuen
  2. A very nice area near Tokyo, without the drawbacks of the big city and with the advantages of cheaper cost of life, more space and calm and … the near beach (and Disneyland)
  3. 5 minutes aways from Motivist Japan!


Courses Provided by Makuhari Japanese Language School


1.Long-term Course

Long-term course is offered for both of overseas students (with student visas) and foreign residents in Japan. For those who simply want to learn Japanese, whether it be for their career or for leisure, by passion for Japan and the Japanese culture or for those who aim at going to higher education after their language program.

Tuition fees

Start Date April July October January
Duration 2 years 1 year and 9 months 1 year and 6 months 1 year and 3 months
Schedule Mon to Fri 9:00~12:30 or 13:20~16:50
Number of Lessons 20 lessons of 45 minutes each/week
Number of students in class Maximum of 20
Required Japanese Skills Depending on your plans / Contact us to learn more
Application fee 20.000 ¥ 20.000 ¥ 20.000 ¥ 20.000 ¥
Admission fee 50.000 ¥ 50.000 ¥ 50.000 ¥ 50.000 ¥
Tuition fee(Long-term) 1,200,000¥ 1,050,000¥ 900,000¥ 750,000¥
Activity 40,000¥ 35,000¥ 30,000¥ 25,000¥
Facility 60,000¥ 52,500¥ 45,000¥ 37,500¥
Material 40,000¥ 35,000¥ 30,000¥ 25,000¥


2. Short-term course

Learning well-balanced Japanese skills – speaking, listening, reading and writing. From 3 months. For “tourist” visa, working holiday visa holders, or foreign residents (for example spouse visa).

Tuition fees

Start Date Contact us
Duration 3 months or more
Schedule Mon to Fri 9:00~12:30 or 13:20~16:50
Number of Lessons 4 lessons of 45 minutes each/day
Number of students in class Maximum of 20
Required Japanese Skills Contact us
Application fee 0 ¥
Admission fee 0¥
Tuition fee 2,000 ¥/day


Activities at Makuhari Japanese Language School

June:Footsal Cup
August: Speech contest
September: BBQ
December: Christmas Party
February: Tokyo Disneyland
March: Tea Ceremony


Accommodations at Makuhari Japanese Language School

School Dormitory

The school features a dormitory to make it easy for students to focus on their studies. It is a shared studio (including kitchen, shower, toilets).

Entry fee: 35,000 ¥
Rent: 36,000 ¥/month, utilities included

Length: 6 months only (to be paid at the start)


Estimated costs for one academic year at Makuhari Japanese Language School – 2019

This is the estimate of the costs in the case of the study abroad for a year in Makuhari Japanese Language School. The estimates include accommodations for 6 months (school dormitory for 36,000 ¥ per month).

Costs for 12 months, including accommodations for 6 months
Application Fee 20,000¥
Admission Fee 50,000 ¥
Tuition Fee 600,000 ¥
Extracurricular activity fee 20,000 ¥
Facility fee 30,000 ¥
Material fee 20,000 ¥
School Dormitory entrance fee 60,000 ¥
Dormitory (6 months only) 240,000 ¥
Total 1,040,000 ¥



To learn more, contact us here or by email: info@motivistjapan.com