Plan your Stay

Plan your stay in Japan before you go there to study. Beside the school and the language courses, the most important issues will be the accommodations and money.


 Plan your stay in Japan !


Where you will live? At the home of a Japanese family (homestay), in a shared apartment or a private apartment if you can afford it, or in a school dormitory … ? There are many criteria to take into account. Money first, of course. But also the independence/freedom you need. Your motivation to be fully immersed and learn Japanese faster, or not. Take the time to think about it. Also keep in mind that at Motivist Japan, we help you find the right accommodation if you need our help.

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Plan your stay

Find accommodations in Japan


What will be your monthly budget? How much will you need to afford daily expenses? Obviously that varies from person to person. We recommend you reflect on that and calculate your needs, as precisely as possible. Open a new Excel sheet and start your simulation without further delay.

Click here to learn more about the budget of a foreign student in Japan and here to know more about money issues in Japan.

Budget for international student in Japan

Calculate your budget in advance


If your budget is tight, you may consider looking for “arbeit” (“arbaito”) – part-time job in Japan. As a foreign student, you will be allowed to work up to 28 hours per week – provided you apply and get the authorization (which is a mere formality). There will be plenty of opportunities for you to find a part-time job. This is one feature that makes Japan so attractive to international students.

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Working part-time in Japan

International students can easily find part-time jobs in Japan