In a quiet and residential area in Tokyo, Toyo Language School offers that will match your needs, thanks to elective courses. This is ideal for those who want to go to higher education in Japan, or to make a career here. 

TLS is part of the Jikei Gakuen group that comprises 70 institutes (senmon gakko or vocational schools) that prepare their students for a multitude of career paths.

TLS’s design buildings are brand new.


Toyo Language School is located in Nishikasai Edogawa-ku Tokyo. Accessible via the Tozai line and 8 minute walk from the Nishi-Kasai Station. There are many attractions nearby such as Kasai Rinkai Aquarium, Subway Museum and Kasai Seaside Park. If you want to visit the famous Disneyland Theme Parks it is only roughly 20 minutes away. 



  1. Selective academic course system
  2. Education and career counseling
  3. Special lecture for vocational college
  4. Contact with universities and professors
  5. Intern systems at tied-up companies
  6. A great environment both in the area and in the premisces


TLS offers 5 programs for those who plan to stay in Japan after their Japanese language program. 5 programs to go to higher education in Japan or find a job and make and career.

If you choose one of these programs, you will have elective courses * 3 times a week for 90 minutes each (Monday, Wednesday and Friday).

1. Higher Education Courses (12 months and more)

A. Plan for graduate school

You already have a higher education degree but want to study further in Japan, be it a Master’s degree or a PhD. Make the most of the support provided by the school for your research, your thesis, to choice the right institute, to prepare for the entrance exam.

Join academic and career fairs and visit schools and laboratories.

B. Class for University

Prepare to go to Higher Education in Japan and get ready for the EJU (entrance exam). There are about 800 universities in Japan and you will need help to find the right place for you and prepare for it.

C. Class for Vocational schools

TLS belongs to a group that also owns 70 senmon gakko. If you want to make a career in Japan, follow the guide. First clarify your purpose and plans, and prepare to start new studies after your language program.

D. Plan for Art university

For those who want to go art university.

There is a supplement to pay for this Plan:
¥ 400,000 for the “Sketch and Design” courses
¥ 220,000 for the “Thesis and Interview” courses

E. Plan for finding Employment.

For those who have reach N2 level. A specific curriculum is designed to match each student’s purposes.

Understand the job market in Japan (how to behave, what to do and not to do, customs etc. ) and gain knowledge about the Japanese society. Prepare for the JLPT N1. Job counseling is also held every week.

Start of sessions, schedules and costs of the 5 programs:

Start Date January, April, July, October
Duration 1 year/1 year and 3 months/1 year and 6 months
1 year and 9 months/2 year
Schedule Mon to Fri 9:00~12:20 or 13:20~16:40
Number of Lessons 20 lessons of 45 minutes each/week
Number of students in class 15-20

* Elective courses are not in supplement. They replace Japanese class 3 times a week

2. Long-term course (12 months and more)

Those who simply want to come to Japan to learn Japanese one year (and more), with no intent to stay thereafter, are welcome to study at Toyo Language School, with a student visa.

Start Date January, April, July, October
Duration 1 year (can be extended)
Schedule Mon to Fri 9:00~12:20 or 13:20~16:40
Number of Lessons 20 lessons of 45 minutes each/week
Number of students in class 15-20

3. Short-term courses (1 to 6 months)

Japanese study of 3 months or more. Those special short-term programs can take place during one’s summer or winter vacation. To attend short-term courses, you can register by using a working holiday visa, family visa or short-stay visa (temporary stay).

Start Date January, April, July, October,
Duration 3 months
Schedule Mon to Fri
Number of Lessons Contact us
Number of students in class Contact us
Required Japanese Skill Beginners accepted
Tuition fee 204,000 ¥/3 months


TLS offers several opportunities so that students can enjoy Japan life and develop their language skills through activities. Athletic meeting, Hippo Home-stay, Summer festival, Watching Musical , graduation trip  and much more!


School Dormitory
TLS has 8 dormitories, from 5 to 15 minutes from the school by bicycle. Single rooms, share rooms are available. Available from 6 months.

TLS recommend home stay program. Students will have very good experience to learn the way of Japan and feel warm welcome of Japan family.


Higher Education Course
Application Fee ¥ 20,000
Admission Fee ¥ 100,000
Tuition Fee ¥ 612,000
Other fee ¥ 84,000
School Dormitory entrance fee, deposit, cleaning ¥ 103,560
Dormitory fee ¥ 468,000
Utilities fee ¥ 90,000
Total ¥ 1.477.560

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