Overview of Aiwa Language Institute

As the closest Japanese city to the continent, Fukuoka is “the gate to Asia”. It is also the largest city of Kyushu (1.4 millions inhabitants) and one the main cities of Japan. It is a great city to live in, near the sea, with a mild weather and gorgeous nature surroundings. Every year, Fukuoka is in the top cities in the world in term of quality of life. This is also where Aiwa Japanese Language Institute offers courses for all, whatever one’s dreams may be.

“Aiwa” means “Love and Peace”. Aiwa Language Japanese Institute is one of the most prestigious language schools of Kyushu. Each year, it helps hundreds of foreign students from all over the world to reach their goals.



Features of Aiwa Language Institute

  1. A unique teaching, designing by the school’s teachers themselves (“Communication Teaching Method Fukuoka-Aiwa-Motivist-Japan-14Plus“)
  2. Competitive tuition fees
  3. A staff that cares and is really helpful to find “arubaito”
  4. Close links with higher education institutes to make it easier on students to enroll
  5. Two sister vocational schools (Kyushu Business School and International Animation College)
  6. Scholarships for the best and most assiduous students
  7. The city of Fukuoka … Simply a great place to live in!



Requirements Of Admission

  • 18 years old and older (if you are under 18 years old, please contact us for details)
  • Completion of 12 years education


Courses Provided by Aiwa Language Institute

1. Long-term programs

You will be placed in a course depending on your goals.

If your objective is simply to learn Japanese, you will be placed in a class and prepare for the JLPT.

If you intend to go to Higher Education in Japan, you will prepare for the examination entrance to go to university in Japan (EJU).

Tuition fees for long-term programs:

Start April, July, October
Length 1 year (April), 1 year 6 months (October), 1 year 9 months (July), 2 years (April)
Schedule Monday to Friday

Morning: 9:10~12:40 incl. 30 min. break

Afternoon: 13:40~17:10 incl. 30 min. break

Courses 20 hours/week
Students per class 15
Level of Japanese required Beginners accepted
Administration fee 25,000 ¥
Admission fee 51,250 ¥
Tuition fee (1 year) 516,600 ¥
Activities and maintenance fees 123,000 ¥
Various material and other fees 9,150 ¥

2. Short-term programs

Study Japanese for 3 months or less. Perfect to study during your vacation. Use a working holiday visa if you are eligible. Or simply a “temporary stay” (“tourist visa”).

Start Depending on availability (contact us)
Length 1 to 3 months
Schedule Monday to Friday
Courses 20 hours/week
Students per class 15
Level of Japanese required Beginners accepted
Tuition fee Admission: 25,000 ¥ Course: 42,000 ¥/month


Activities at Aiwa Language InstituteFukuoka-Aiwa-Motivist-Japan-11

Numerous cultural, artistic and sport activities are offered. Fukuoka is also famous for festivals that are help all year long, including the renown Hakata Dontaku and Hakata Gion Yamagasa. 




Aiwa offers various options for students, depending on their budget. Dormitory or apartments.


Type 1 : apartment for 1 personFukuoka-Aiwa-Motivist-Japan-13

Type 2 : apartment shared by 2

Type 3 : dormitory, individual room

Type 4 : dormitory, shared room (2)

Lease of 6 months minimum. After 6 months, students pay month by month :

Type 1 : 38,300 ¥/month

Type 2 : 28,200 ¥/month

Type 3 : 28,200 ¥/month

Type 4 : 21,300 ¥/month



Sample estimated cost for one academic year – 2019

This is the estimate of the costs in the case of the study abroad for a year at Aiwa. The estimates have been calculated in the case of using the school dormitory (individual room).

Fees for 1-year program (including accommodation)
Application Fee 25,000 ¥
Admission Fee 51,250 ¥
Tuition Fee 516,600 ¥
Material, Management fee 123,000 ¥
Facility, extracurricular activity fee 9,150 ¥
School Dormitory entrance fee 30,000 ¥
School Dormitory facility fee (incl. insurance) 80,000 ¥
Dormitory 260,000 ¥
Total 1,095,000 ¥