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Overview of Japanese Language Institute of Sapporo

JLI, the Japanese Language Institute of Sapporo, is the number one Japanese Language Institute in Hokkaido and has the most student enrollments. Its history and achievements have paved the way for a trusted Japanese learning environment. It is also continuing its development in providing education based on students’ needs.

Since 1990, the Japanese Language Institute of Sapporo has been recognized by Sapporo Immigration Bureau as meeting the standards for a “Proper Japanese Education Facility.”


Features of Japanese Language Institute of Sapporo

  1. Lessons “using” Japanese : Taking advantage of a multinational class, there are many opportunities to speak with each other in Japanese during class time.
  2. Lessons incorporate interaction with Japanese people : There is also the opportunity to learn together with the students from the Japanese Teacher Training Department.
  3. Further study support : In intermediate and higher level classes, Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students (EJU), Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JPLT) specialized exam preparation will be offered as EJU and JLPT are necessary for further studies.


Course provided by Japanese Language Institute of Sapporo

1. Long-term Course

Japanese Language Institute Sapporo-3

JLI provides two Japanese language programs: for higher education course and General Japanese language course.

Japanese language for higher education course
For those who want to further their study in vocational schools, universities or graduate schools.
Course completion occurs in March every year, further study from April.

General Japanese Language Course
For those who do not wish to further their study after graduation.

Start Date January, April, July, October
Duration (for higher education) 1 year, 1 year and 3 months, 1 year and 6 months, 1 year and 9 months, 2 years
Schedule Mon-Fri 9:00-12:25 or 13:00-16:25
Number of Lessons 20 lessons/week
Number of students in a class Ave. 10-20
Required Japanese skills Contact us to know more
Tuition fee 594,000 yen/year

2. Short-term Course

You can take the short-term course from one week to 12 weeks. This is for those who have temporary visas.

Start Date Anytime (depends on student language level).
Duration 1 weeks – 12 weeks
Schedule Mon-Fri 9:00-12:25 or 13:00-16:25
Number of Lessons 20 lessons/week
Number of students in a class Ave. 10-20
Required Japanese skills From beginner
Tuition fees of Short-term Course
Duration Tuition Duration Tuition
1 week 22,300 yen 2 weeks 41,300 yen
3 weeks 59,600 yen 4 weeks 71,000 yen
5 weeks 83,300 yen 6 weeks 95,600 yen
7 weeks 111,500 yen 8 weeks 127,400 yen
9 weeks 143,400 yen 10 weeks 159,300 yen
11 weeks 175,300 yen 12 weeks 191,100 yen

Fees listed include the tuition fee and admission fee.


Activities in Japanese Language Institute of Sapporo

Japanese Language Institute Sapporo-4
There are many ways to enjoy the beauty and diverse seasons in Sapporo. Students from both the Japanese Language Department and the Japanese Teacher Training Department can join in the activities of the Japanese Language Institute of Sapporo.
Japanese Language Institute Sapporo-2


Accommodation for Japanese Language Institute of Sapporo

Students of Japanese Language Institute of Sapporo benefit from a wide choice of accommodation including dormitories and homestay.

Private Dormitory
Dormitory Maruyama : Women-only dormitory with meals
Dormitory Kotoni II : Men-only dormitory with meals
Lyceene Sapporo : Co-op dormitory with meals
Le Parc 24 : Men-only dormitory with optional meals
DK HOUSE : Co-op dormitory without meals with kitchen
The school can introduce kind and reliable host families to students.
The purpose is to increase Japanese ability, incorporating use inside and outside of the school. Compared to Tokyo and Osaka, Sapporo hosts more families, with a larger residential environment and a high quality homestay experience. Please understand there are only a limited number of homestay options available in each period of time so it is possible that you may not stay with a host family.

Estimated Cost for One Academic Year – 2019

Long-term Course (Japanese yen)
Admission fee 75,600 ¥
Tuition Cost 594,000 ¥
Materials 25,920 ¥
Activities 10,800 ¥
Operation cost 8,640 ¥
Administrative cost 5,400 ¥
Dormitory 360,000 ¥
Total 1,080,360¥

To learn more, contact us here or by email: info@motivistjapan.com