Introduction of Kyoto Minsai

Kyoto features great surroundings for students with a rich culture, ancestral history and amazing sceneries. école-kyoto-minsaiNumerous, and sometimes prestigious, universities (Kyoto University, Kyoto Institute of Technology, Kyoto Seika University …) contribute to a studious though young and lively atmosphere.

Kyoto Minsai cares about its students’ well-being while providing high-quality teaching. At Kyoto Minsai, it is not just about learning words and grammar, it is also about getting a feel for the Japanese culture and the Japanese way of thinking. Through this experience, students will have explored the depth of the Japanese way of life.


Features of Kyoto Minsai

Kyoto Minsai

  1. Small classes enables teachers to be close to their students, and students to improve faster.
  2. Personalized counseling.
  3. School staff assist students in their daily life (e.g. to find part-time jobs, to open a bank account etc …).
  4. Japanese culture teaching is emphasized.
  5. Great facilities (tatami room, large kitchen …) for activities within the school premises.

A quick look at some of the facilities


Courses offered by Kyoto Minsai

1. Long-term course

You will placed in a class depending on your objectives.

Kyoto Minsai class

If your goal is simply to learn Japanese and speak it fluently, you will go to a General course.

If you want to go to Higher Education in Japan, you will be prepared to take the EJU (the Examination to enter Japanese universities). This is the Academic course.

Tuition fees (Long-term courses)

Start January, April, July, October
Length 12 months, 15 months, 18 months, 21 months, 24 months / For 6 months : contact-us
Schedule Monday to Friday / Morning : 8:30 am to 12:30 / Afternoon : 2 pm to 5 pm
Courses 5 half-days (3 hours and 10 minutes each)
Students per course 12 to 17
Required Japanese language skills 150 hours of studies or JLPT N5
Application fee ¥30,000
Admission fee ¥50,000
Tuition fee (1 year) ¥600,000/year
School facility expenses ¥24,000
Text books ¥18,000

2. Short-term courses

The length of those courses vary from 2 weeks to 10 weeks, providing you with great flexibility. Each week consist in 4 half-days of class and 1 day of excursion. You can enroll with a simple tourist visa, or a working holiday visa (depending on your nationality – contact us to know more).

Start January 11 & 18; April 11 & 18; July 05 & 18; October 10 & 18
Length 2, 4, 8 or 10 weeks
Schedule Monday to Thursday / Friday : Field Trip / Morning : 8:50 am to noon / Afternoon : 2 pm to 5:10 pm
Courses 4 half-days (3 hours and 10 minutes each) + Excursions on Fridays
Number of students per class Variable (12 to 17)
Required Japanese language skills No required Japanese language skills
Tuition fees (all inclusive) 2 weeks: ¥70,000; 4 weeks:¥ 100,000; 8 weeks:¥156,000; 10 weeks: ¥175,000  (Admission fee¥10,000)


Activities offered by Kyoto Minsai

Activités à Kyoto Minsai - Cliquez pour agrandir

Activités à Kyoto Minsai – Cliquez pour agrandir

Various activities are organized for students in the school and out of the school. Tea ceremony, Ikebana (flower arrangement), Japanese cuisine, calligraphy … It is important that students get familiar with the Japanese culture, customs and activities.

Accommodations offered

Kyoto Minsai offers various housing solutions to students. Apartments to share with other students, either with individual rooms or shared rooms.
Prices vary from 23.000 to 29.000 ¥ per month for shared rooms.
From 35.000 to 44.000 ¥ for individual rooms.
Equipments vary (micro-wave, internet …) depending on places.
Please note that there is an “accommodation” fee of 50.000 ¥ for insurance, furniture and service fees to be paid once, at the beginning. Also, you may rent a futon for 8.000 ¥ (for the length of your stay).
Usually, the apartments are just a few minutes away – by foot or by bicycle – from the school.





Example of costs for 1 year of studies at Kyoto Minsai (including housing) – 2019

Here is an estimate of the costs to study for one year at Kyoto Minsai. It includes the accommodation fees of 35,000 ¥ per month. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Screening fee ¥30,000
Admission fee ¥50,000
Tuition fee ¥600,000
School facility expenses ¥24,000
Text books ¥18,000
Accommodation facility ¥30,000
Accommodation (individual room) ¥420,000
Total ¥1,172,000




To know more, contact-us here or by email : info@motivistjapan.com



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