Tuition fees for 1 year (with Student Visa).

This update is applicable for 2020 intake.

For other program lengths and for Working Holiday visas, contact us.



Schools Cities Total 1 year Fee in Yen Dormitory Included?
Aiwa Fukuoka 1,095,000 YES
ARC Idabashi 1,360,000 YES
ARC Kyoto 1,360,000 YES
ARC Osaka 1,360,000 YES
ARC Academy Tokyo 1,360,000 YES
Futaba Chiba 1,213,000 YES
Genki JACS Kyoto 590,000*** NO
Genki JACS Tokyo 590,000*** NO
Genki JACS Fukuoka 990,000 NO
HJLA Sapporo 1,005,000 YES
ISI Takadanobaba 823,000 NO
ISI Nagano 763,000 NO
ISI Ikebukuro 823,000 NO
ISI (“Academic”) Kyoto 823,000 NO
Japanese Communication International School Osaka 1,210,000 YES
Japanese Language Institute of Sapporo Sapporo 1,093,600 YES
JCLI Tokyo 1,328,100 YES
Kudan (intensive) Tokyo 835,000 NO
Kyoto Minsai Kyoto 1,172,000 YES
Makuhari JLS Chiba 1,040,000 YES (6 mos)
Matsudo Chiba 777,000 NO
Nagoya International Foreign Language Nagoya 1,315,000 YES
Nagoya Sky Nagoya 740,000 NO
Osaka Japanese Academy Osaka 1,144,000 YES
SAMU Language School Tokyo 739,000 NO
Shinwa Tokyo 1,280,000 YES
Tokyo Fuji Tokyo 780,000 NO
Tokyo Riverside Tokyo 1,280,000 YES
Toyo Language School Tokyo 1,405,360 YES
Waseda Edu Tokyo 810,000 NO
YMCA Hiroshima 1,238,230 YES
Yokohama Design Tokyo 1,305,000 YES


Prices stated above can change anytime without prior notice. Some school may require you to pay additional fees such as student insurance etc. on top of the tuition fees. 

Some schools may not have 1 year class offering (only 1 and a half year and 2 years course).

Genkijacs Kyoto and Tokyo doesn’t offer student visa assistance therefore maximum length of study is until 6 months only.