Studying abroad can be the most fulfilling and overwhelming experience a student can have in his or her life. It is definitely a must that one should plan thoroughly and do their research on what to expect and do’s and don’ts of their student status in Japan.  

Knowing foreign languages is a must. Language studies is becoming more popular. The more languages you speak, the more marketable you are in the eyes of a potential employer especially if the language you master is one of the in demand language like Japanese. Studying in Japan will make your professional profile stand out and perhaps more importantly will enable you to become familiar with a fascinating and enriching culture. The longer you study, the more fluent your Japanese will become and the more you will become familiar to Japanese customs, culture and ways of thinking.

Students planning to study in Japan should not consider part-time job to pay their tuition and living expenses. One should not plan to come to Japan if he/she cannot afford all the expense without part-time earning, a scholarship or fee waiver.

Unique opportunities

Japan offers unique opportunities. First, compared to other developed countries, the cost of tuition is quite low compared to studying in US or UK. Here, foreign students can easily work part time job during their studies. Money earned in part time jobs can cover student’s daily expenses. After completing their language study, a student should be able to reach N3 level to enroll in Senmon Gakko and N2 level and above to enter a University. Japanese language school is usually known as the preparation to higher education. 

If a student has completed bachelor’s degree in their home country prior to enrolling to language school, they have the option to go to full time employment after graduation. Some school also help student to prepare for their job interview in Japan. 

Always remember, once you have mastered the language, opportunities are not limited to Japan alone. Japanese is one of the on demand language all over the world and also one of the highest paid language so maximize your potential. 

Here is a what you have to do to come study in Japan:


1 Find the right program and school (ask us for advice)

2 Meet the requirementsmap-japan

3 Finance your project

4 Apply to us

Apply for a Visa

6 Find accommodations

7 Go to Japan

8 Start your study


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