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In the global world we live in, knowing foreign languages is a must. Language studies, obviously, are more than languages. They are also about customs and culture. As there is no better way than full immersion to become proficient in a language, studying “on site” will give you a definite edge.

Apply for a visa

Obtaining a visa to study in Japan can prove cumbersome

Studies in Japan will add luster to your professional profile and, perhaps more importantly, you will become familiar with a fascinating and enriching culture.

Learning Japanese is not as difficult as one may think. Our experience show that students can become fluent within one year! Of course, that requires dedication and work. But it is definitely within reach of any motivated person. Japan offers unique opportunities. First, compared to other developed countries, the cost of tuition is quite low – about half that of the US. Here, foreign students can easily work part-time during their studies. That usually covers their expenses – and maybe more. Once they master the language, their can enroll in a higher education institution. Japanese language schools are known to guide students (in Japan, services are second to none). And if the students want to look for a job, they will find relatively easily. The Japanese job market is quite fluid and Japanese companies always look for language-skilled people.

So, Japan has really become a great destination for young people. However, deciding to go study there is a big step that requires a lot of preparation.

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STUDIES IN JAPAN: First you need to plan

Here is a what you have to do to come study in Japan:


1 Find the right programme and school (ask us for advice)

2 Meet the requirementsmap-japan

3 Finance your project

4 Apply to us

Apply for a Visa

6 Find accommodations

7 Go to Japan

8 Enroll


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