Our Japanese Language Schools

Motivist Japan works with the following Japanese language schools. Those schools have been carefully selected to offer our students the most efficient programs. With our language schools, we share the same vision: that our students achieve their goals.

When trying to choose a school, the location is obviously a major criteria – and we have covered all of Japan, from Sapporo to Kumamoto and Okinawa. But each school has specific features so we recommend you take the time to review each descriptive page.

We are constantly updating this page so make sure to visit it often, until you have chosen the right school.

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JLI class JLI Logo
Japanese Language Institute of Sapporo (JLI)

Established in 1986, our history and achievements has won the trust from students all over the world. JLI is the number one Japanese Language Institute in Hokkaido and has the most student Enrollments.
HJLA students HJLA Logo
Hokkaido Japanese Language Academy Sapporo (HJLA)

We have a variety of curriculums where you can communicate with many Japanese people, and experience Japan through not only daily classes, but also events to learn proper Japanese as well as appropriate natural Japanese. We also have a wide variety of extracurricular activities through which you can experience.
Kudan Institute Kudan Logo
Kudan Institute of Japanese Language and culture

Founded in 1988, offering a variety of Japanese programs. Their philosophy is to foster pro-Japan people and promote understanding about Japan. They are trying to offer the education and experience which can only be acquired in Japan.
JCLI Classroom JCLI Logo
JCLI Japanese School

At our school, with a rich history of over 30 years, we aim for students to be able to study Japanese in a school environment that is tailored for students. Our school has a friendly atmosphere, where students and teachers can communicate with each other freely.
ARC students ARC Logo
Arc Academy Japanese Language School, Shibuya Campus

Founded in 1986 with the aim to cultivate Japanese language as a communication means for foreign people involved in business. ARC means “a bridge to the world”. In order to respond to this diversifying needs for Japanese language education, ARC Academy aims for opportunities to communicate with people from all around the world.
Genki JACS Genki JACS Logo
Genki JACS

One of Genki JACS’s unique features is the number of students per class. Never more than 8! Note that the Tokyo school doesn’t accept long-term student visa holders (the Fukuoka school does).
Shinwa Shinwa Logo
Shinwa Foreign Language Academy

Located in the lively student area of Takadanobaba, Shinwa Foreign Language Academy provides everything you can expect from a Japanese language school. Its main asset is a thorough and ongoing personalized guidance to help students improve their skills and prepare life after the language program.
Edo Culture Edo Logo
Edo Cultural Center Japanese Language School

Founded in 1984. Since then, more than 10,000 students from over 70 countries have completed their courses and contributed to the international atmosphere of Japanese language school. Edo Cultural Center is not only teaching Japanese language but also providing a place for meaningful cultural exchange to our students.
Futaba Students Futaba Logo
Futaba College of Foreign Languages

The students of the FUTABA aim to pursue education in Japan by enrolling at colleges, universities and post-graduate schools. To meet significantly different needs, we teach not only Japanese but also the Japanese culture, customs and manners to deepen the understanding of different cultures.
Yono Students Yono Logo
Yono Gakuin Japanese Language School

Our school has over 20 years old history. Placing importance on the locality, we are trying that foreigner is integrated in Japanese society and enjoy Japanese life. Please study good points of Japan through our school and this local community. Furthermore, rediscovering the good points of your country from Japanese life, please enjoy exciting days in Japan.
Atys classroom Atys logo
ATYS International Academy

Located in Utsunomiya city Tochigi prefecture. Utsunomiya city is in a convenient location one hour from Tokyo. Besides that, the rent and price are comparatively low, making this a good place to study and live safely for those studying abroad.
Nipponacademy_01ceremony Nippon_Trinity_logo

Students from various countries join the Nippon Academy each semester to learn Japanese while enjoying a very pleasant living environment in Gunma.
Nagoya Japanese Language School Students Nagoya SKY Logo
Nagoya Sky Japanese Language School

Nagoya SKY supports students who aim to improve their career with Japanese language. It also cultivates international friendship through Japanese education.
Subaru Students Subaru Logo
Subaru Language School, Motosu Campus

In the calm and rich natural environment students study and live with local residents having cultural exchanges.
It is relatively inexpensive way to live for overseas students.
Japanese Communication International School Japanese Communication International School
Japanese Communication International School

Excellent teaching combined with great facilities and services to assist students in the school, and in their daily life in Japan. Everything you need to learn Japanese and its way of life, this school will provide.
Osaka Japanese Language School Osaka Japanese Language School Logo
Osaka Japanese Language School

Class formation with a small number of people based on each person’s ability for Japanese and purpose. They will lead you to pass the Japanese Language proficiency test and university entrance examination.
ARC Osaka ARC Logo
Arc Academy Japanese Language School, Osaka Campus

5 minute walk from the south exit of Nankai “Namba station” in the area called Minami in Osaka. “Namba Parks,” which is located 1 minute away from the School to the west, is a famous spot, complete with shopping and dining places and movie theaters.
Kyoto Minsai Kyoto Minsai Logo
Kyoto Minsai, Kyoko

Located in the beautiful city of Kyoto, Kyoto Minsai will provide high-quality teaching while taking good care of its students.
ARC Kyoto Entrance ARC Logo
Arc Academy Japanese Language School, Kyoko Campus

Located in Gojo Karasuma close to the center of Kyoto, Shijo Karasuma. It is an area convenient for shopping and sightseeing. Outside of the fun lessons, you can also spend the rest of the time enjoyably.
Kasuga Students Kasuga Logo
Kasuga Japanese language Academy

Our motto is to value ourselves and value other people. We encourage students to learn from and respect different culture encountered in Japan. We will do our best to support students to make their dreams come true.
Hiroshima YMCA Hiroshima YMCA Logo
Hiroshima YMCA

By studying at Hiroshima YMCA, you benefit from living in a very pleasant city while having a lot of opportunities provided by YMCA to contribute to the local cummunity and make your time at the school all the more enriching.
Nagasaki Japanese Language School Nagasaki Japanese Language School Logo
Nagasaki Japanese Language School

Founded in May 2011, providing long-term Japanese language course in Nagasaki, Japan. It cooperates with “Nagasaki Universal University” where is next to the school, as sister school.
Genki JACS Genki JACS Logo
Genki JACS

One of Genki JACS’s unique features is the number of students per class. Never more than 8! The Fukuoka campus is the main campus and provides long-term programs for student visa holders. Short-term, long-term, from 14 years old anyone’s welcome!
Ecole Fukuoka Fukuoka
Aiwa Language Institute
Learn Japanese in an amazing city, Fukuoka. Aiwa offers a lot of flexibility and competitive prices. Whatever your goals are, learning Japanese at Aiwa is a good solution.
Ecole Fukuoka Fukuoka
Wahaha Japanese Language School
In the great city of Fukuoka, this school offers short-term programs while emphasizing “fun” and small classes. A unique way to learn Japanese for people who are in Japan only for a short time.
Kumamoto YMCA Japanese School Kumamoto YMCA
Kumamoto YMCA Japanese Language School

Kumamoto YMCA Japanese Language School provides various courses, including Japanese language programs. Learn Japanese in a formidable environment and with devoted teachers.
JSL Nippon Academy JSL Nippon Academy Logo
JSL Nippon Academy

Many students come to JSL Nippon Academy from all over the world to learn Japanese (America, China, Taiwan, Canada, Myanmar, Korea, Vietnam, Australia, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Norway, Germany, Finland, and Indonesia.)