When technology rhymes with creepy

4 February 2016 / Comments: 0

A potentially great device. A definitely bad video.
Introducing “Ili”, a (supposedly) great, translating device. You speak in English, the translator delivers the translation into Japanese (and Chinese). The idea is wonderful (it remains to be seen if it truly works

About Japanese honorifics (San, Sama, Kun, Chan, Dono)

3 February 2016 / Comments: 0

One of main difficulties in learning Japanese might be being able to handle polite expressions properly. Why it is difficult? Because the differences between these expressions are very subtle, and in order to use them accurately, one needs to perceive whether the other person is


All you’ve ever wanted to know about sushis *

1 February 2016 / Comments: 0

We have found this video very interesting – It was made by a duo of Japanese comedians, The Rahmens.
Please have a look and enjoy!
To learn more about this hilarious duo of comedians, The Rahmens, click here.
* to be taken with


Kanto versus Kansai: what are the differences?

29 January 2016 / Comments: 0

An old proverb says “A man from the East (“Edokko”; “Edo” is the old name of Tokyo, “Ko” means “child”) matches well a woman from Kyoto”. According to the saying, a strong and open-hearted East man (Edokko) suits well a tender

Introducing Tokyo Design Academy

28 January 2016 / Comments: 0

We are glad to announce that we have a new partner, Tokyo Design Academy.
This school offers many opportunities for all people with the soul of creators and artists. Among its programs are Manga, Graphic Design, Interior Design, Animation … Pretty much

Learn Japanese online: Introducing Japan-Activator

27 January 2016 / Comments: 0

If you are serious about coming to study in Japan, you should first learn … Japanese. Not just because it will make your life easier once you are in Japan. But also because whatever you have learned in your home