Relax thanks to Shinrin-Yoku

24 October 2015 / Comments: 0

Japanese people worship Nature – as you likely know, it is part of the Shinto religion. Shinrin-Yoku (森林浴) literally means “Forest Bathing” – and of course, bathing, onsen, ofuro are also very important in Japanese culture. “Forest bathing” is a

“My Number” System

23 October 2015 / Comments: 0

The Japanese government is launching a universal card system. It will be used with various governmental agencies (for example to file taxes, for pension etc …). Starting this month, all Japanese residents (more on this later) will receive a notification card


Discovering Capsule Hotels

15 October 2015 / Comments: 0

Tourists in Japan often want to experience Capsule Hotels – one of the many clichés of modern Japan. The concept was created in the late 70’s in Osaka. Since then, those long corridors filled with 2 rows of “boxes” has,

How to save money on food in Japan

13 October 2015 / Comments: 0

Life in Japan is not as expensive as you might think. There are many ways to save money. It just takes some insight. Until you get there and find your own ways, people there will give you advice. But we also

How to become a Mangaka?

9 October 2015 / Comments: 0

A mangaka is a person who creates mangas. The process of creating manga includes both drawing pictures and writing scripts. The manga business is quite huge in Japan and it is expanding worldwide, generating hundreds of millions of dollars each

Healthcare in Japan plus
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Health system in Japan

28 September 2015 / Comments: 0

There is a universal health insurance in Japan. This is the NHI – National Health Insurance. The contribution depends on each household’s income, as well as each prefecture. In order to get registered, one must go to a local office (municipal