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Recommended activities in Tokyo during Spring

22 January 2020 / Comments: 0

Spring is around the corner. Soon the trees will turn pink and everyone will be busy preparing for the Hanami (Cherry blossom viewing). Spring is one of the most anticipated season in Japan both for Japanese and Tourists. The weather

Intensive Japanese Language Course

26 December 2019 / Comments: 0

This article is for students looking for Intensive Japanese Language Courses in Japan. If you’re goal is to enter Higher Education such as University, Senmon Gakko or preparation for employment, then this article is for you.


Where is the best place to study in Japan?

25 December 2019 / Comments: 0

One of the top things to consider when studying in Japan is location. Student must think that once they become a student, their chosen school and place will be their home for the next 1-2 years. In order to help

Celebrating Christmas in Japan

5 December 2019 / Comments: 0

If you’re planning to spend Christmas in Japan expecting it to be festive and grandeur, think again. Christmas in Japan is not widely observed. You might see some Christmas trees and Christmas lights here and there in Tokyo but that’s

Pokemon Center in Nihonbashi

26 November 2019 / Comments: 0

Pokémon is one of the famous cartoon character that will never grow old. Pokemon is an acronym for pocket monster, which started in as a video game by Nintendo in 1996. Over the years they started conquering not just the

Tokyo Ramen Show 2019

18 November 2019 / Comments: 0

Last month, we went to Komazawa Olympic Park to experience the Tokyo Ramen Show.
Tokyo Ramen Show is an annual event wherein Ramen shops all over Japan will gather in one place to showcase the best ramen in Japan.
It usually lasts