An overview of Japanese commercials

8 March 2016 / Comments: 0

Here is an overview of Japanese commercials. This YouTube channel specializes in compiling Japanese “CM” (シーエム) – “commercial messages”. Here is what they have selected as the best commercials of 2015.
The common belief is that TV commercials reflect a country’s culture. We

Studying in Japan is also this …

7 March 2016 / Comments: 0

We all know that the education system in Japan is excellent, higher education especially. Part of that is having great infrastructures for young people to study in the best conditions possible. Just like this new, state-of-the-art  library from Seikei University in

Cherry blossom forecast

7 March 2016 / Comments: 0

In Japan, people like to check the “Cherry Blossom forecast”, just like they would check the weather forecast. The Japan Weather Association is providing forecasts about when the famous “Sakura” will blossom, from South to North, from Kyushu in March



3 March 2016 / Comments: 0

In Japan, March 3rd is the day of “Festival for Girls” – “ひな祭り”, “Hina matsuri”.
“Hina” literally means “chick” (in the “baby chicken” sense, though it also has the double meaning in Japanese just like in English, without the slightly pejorative sense).
“Matsuri” means “festival”.
The purpose

Foreign careworkers wanted in Japan

29 February 2016 / Comments: 0

As we all know, Japan is facing demographic issues on both ends: a low birth rate and an aging population. Workforce is lacking and the Japanese government is tackling the issue step by step. The latest example is a conclusion from a

Why ask an agent to help you come study in Japan?

24 February 2016 / Comments: 0

Sometimes, prospective students ask us: “Why should I apply through Motivist Japan instead of directly to the school?“. There are very good reasons to ask an Educational Agency like Motivist Japan to help you in your study-abroad endeavors. So we