Why Kanji have many pronunciations?

4 November 2015 / Comments: 0

When one decides to learn Japanese, Kanji can be really confusing. Not only because of the strokes. But also because Kanji has a lot of variations in its sound. Actually, not only sounds. One Kanji also has various meanings. In this

Halloween in Japan

2 November 2015 / Comments: 0

Halloween has become a big deal in Japan.
Shops are decorated in orange as soon as September and, come October 31, thousands of people are ready to celebrate in big cities streets. Each year, thousands of foreign tourists actually come to Japan to celebrate

What is a Working Holiday?

29 October 2015 / Comments: 0

The purpose of a Working Holiday is to foster cultural exchanges between countries. Working holiday visas are delivered to young people who want to experience life abroad without the hassle of having to find a work sponsor. Conditions vary from countries to

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Introduction of 2 Japanese vocational schools

28 October 2015 / Comments: 0

We are proud to introduce two new partners, two Japanese vocational schools of great renown, located in Tokyo.
The first one is ASAGAYA Art School “ASABI”, which provides amazing programs, teaching various disciplines and state-of-the-art (no pun intended) technologies. For those interested in Manga,

About Meishi (Business Cards) in Japan

27 October 2015 / Comments: 0

You undoubtedly will get your Meishi (business cards) in Japan, whether you work or not. Meishi are still important in Japan, even in the smartphone era when people exchange their contact numbers directly via their multimedia devices. Yet, it is important


Kanji of the week: “Study”

26 October 2015 / Comments: 0
Each week, we explain one kanji. Let’s start with “To Study”. JLPT Level: N5 Radical: 子 Strokes: 8 Other meanings: to learn (v.), school (n.), education (n.), knowledge (n.), science (n.) Pronunciations: . On:  ガク (Gaku) . Kun: まなぶ (Manabu) Suffix: -gaku (“study of”, “-logy”)